Democrats Make Fools of America

Democrats Make Fools of America

While it seems the DNC have won the elections by a slim margin, even as winners, are acting like losers.

Biden Working for All Americans

In his first acts in office, Biden has signed, to this date, 40 Presidential Orders. It really is abhorrent to even call them that but Royal Decree sort of sticks in ones gullet. Each one to overturn all of the work Trump did in office. This cannot be seen as bringing the nation together, it seems to pour salt in wounds.

A Nation Divided Is No Nation At All

Look, we are talking about some 78 million Americans voted for Trump. That is nothing to sniff ones nose at. Maybe 81 million voted for Biden. Many just because they hated Trump and really did not care some old school, once was but kept losing, ancient now leads the nation. The swamp has returned to power in full force.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

Yet, once in power and sent Trump packing to Florida the venom just did not stop. These political idiots decided to Impeach (remove from office) again, and IT PASSED! What is wrong with these people? Then without judges, you know people who studied the Constitution all their lives, it moved to the Senate.

In the Senate it was like a monkey gathering of warring tribes. The first thing they did was decide for themselves that Impeachment would bring the USA back together. Talk of reeducation centers and forced relocation for many of the 78 million Americans who voted for Trump. But in the end they pushed this to try and make sure they never had to face him in an election again. Pretty sad. Fear is their enemy.

The Witch Hunt Turns Kangaroo Court

But watching that awful kangaroo court formed by the US congress is an International disgrace as all could see the DNC busy altering video, editing out important parts, to try to blame Trump for the few in the rally who stormed into the peoples house – Congress. To most, that storming did not look anywhere near as violent as the riots against government in Portland, Minneapolis, LA, Chicago, any of them where billions of dollars in loses to those whose buildings, homes, and cars were burnt by raging idiots.

One of the worst edits was of his actual speech where Trump implored them to march, march peacefully to Congress and express themselves.

CNN Leads The Lies

CNN is the worst possible excuse for reporting. They constantly said “unprecedented” when they knew there were many precedents. They pushed the agenda that it was insurrection, not that a rowdy crowd broke from the peacefully protesting marchers and easily got into the Congress building. That is IMPOSSIBLE without some one standing down the guards. Mass media hypnosis picked up the chant insurrection, insurrection, on and on. There is a part of law that stipulates you are not responsible for the criminal acts of others. Trying to imply Trump told them to storm the buildings and overturn the government? Come on, that horned idiot bringing down the government? Who is pissing on whose leg and telling them it is raining?

Not Enough Blood – More Investigations!

Now that it is over, investigation into how and why Pelosi ordered the stand down of National Guard that Trump asked to be on standby. But no, what Pelosi wants is a “9/11 type investigation.” What is that? You mean when Rudi Giuliani, trained District Attorney, cleared all evidence away before any investigation could take place? You mean when they knew it was Saudi Arabians that did it and do nothing about it? What does this ancient woman think it is? California! Wake UP! You are sending senile old bats to represent you!

In the end this witch hunt will make Trumpeteers out of their own. The DNC opened a Pandora’s Box.

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