Saudi Prince Salman Has Kashoggi’s Head

Saudi Prince Salman Has Kashoggi’s Head

Saudi Prince Salman Has Kashoggi’s Head

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had enough. He decided to have his minions detain, torture and kill the irritating journalist. To make things better for himself although worse for Kashoggi, Salman had him chopped into parts. All of this was recorded by spy cams placed throughout the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Our informants in Turkey has told us the head was flown off to the Saudi crown prince while the rest of the body was shredded and made into halal sausage. It was then served to council staff.

For the many of us waiting for Trump to impose sanctions for this affront on democracy, freedom, open press, among many issues we find we are going to be waiting a long time. Trump has actually given us a lesson in the propriety of most nations. You cannot jeopardize hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons sales no matter who is buying them or what they may be used for.

It may even be commendable that Trump stands by his friends and agreements he makes even when events make it hard to do.

We have supported Trump here at NYCTV because he is bringing change to the USA. He is doing everything he promised except to embrace and work with Russia. That we can blame the Democrats and Clinton for bringing their mass media cohorts to whip up a frenzy so no one would notice just how criminal the Democrats are.

Now we have to wonder why we are playing dumb with Saudi Arabia? Is Trump really telling the world that if you dump billions into the military industrial complex you can do as you like with the weapons you buy?

Now the distraction of Judge Kavanaugh is over the focus comes back to Russia and adding China, but Saudi Arabia is intent on fudging the works. With US support the Saudis and Israelis have been given carte blanche in their aggressive behavior in the Middle East. Israeli jets pounding Syria weekly and arms being transferred to various terrorist groups wanting to plant the black flag in Baghdad. The Saudis are backing the Syrian terrorists with over a billion dollars and buying arms and bombs from the UK to drop on starving Yemen. Those people do not deserve the western made munitions dropped on them.

All this and more in your weeks to come.

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