Why Police Chief Tim Gannon Resigned

Why Police Chief Tim Gannon Resigned

Tim Gannon deserves a medal

I spent days trying to find out just why Police Chief or Brooklyn Center, MN resigned and what I found was a total surprise. No matter the article, website, or mass media outlet, there was no reason stated for his resignation. What surprised me the most was the press conference he had the day before his “resignation.”

Call a riot a riot

During the interview Police Chief Gannon remained professional and the only sticky point was him calling a riot a riot. The woke media reporters in the room went up in arms over this. Throwing bricks, full cans of whatever, breaking into business’s, looting, violence all around is not a peaceful protest, it is a riot. In all this time no where is any mention that the man shot was a wanted violent criminal who is known to carry and use weapons against police as well as resisting arrest.

So the rather dumbed down ruling elite in Minnesota decided he would resign and Police Chief Gannon resigned the next day. I think he realized there might be no way to be an effective police officer in today’s climate. Riots must be called protests, and looting must be called repatriations, and while black lives matter police lives do not.

A medal for Tim Gannon

Police Chief Tim Gannon showed a lot of what makes a great police chief. The mass media covering this was more interested in changing the rhetoric than absorbing and reporting. The rioting public was black and white, and mostly robbing and burning the stores in their own neighborhoods, where they actually shop.

The question remains: Why did Police Chief Gannon resign?

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