EU Sanctions Russia Again Over Navalny

EU Sanctions Russia Again Over Navalny

Navalny Violates Parole – EU Wants That Forgiven

This latest round of sanctions against Russia is An astounding demonstration of EU idiocy and rampant interference in other nations politics all for a clown blogger who never won a public office. The sanctions, to say the least, do absolutely nothing as they are directed at people who never had, nor ever will leave Russia and so is like an invisible slap in the wrist. But the question of a European Union bent on aggression to its’ neighbors cannot be discarded.

Who is Alexei Navalny?

When you boil it down Navalny is a YouTube and Twitter blogger who arranged for large scale demonstrations in Russia over corruptions. He once ran for office, for Mayor of Moscow, and was soundly defeated. Internationally no one knew anything about him until some kind of stunt showed him claiming he was poisoned by the most deadly chemical weapon known to man. But the Russians had him in hospital for 4 days and could find nothing, so they let him fly to Germany for help there. Miraculously the Germans say he was poisoned by this new deadly weapon but was doing fine and taking selfies from his bed in hospital.

Once in Germany his funding grew and he returned to Russia where he was arrested for parole violations and sent back to prison. Something done daily in all Western nations.

EU Increases Its’ Hypocrisy

However, the EU has decided this is worse than killing a journalist in an Embassy, or torturing a journalist for 7 years because he exposed US secrets and lies and made the mistake of traveling to the UK (while it was still EU), or even as the Spanish government arrested and imprisoned a rap artist who dared insult the king and demand free speech.

You have to wonder if Putin hates this blogger so much why he did not have him killed while he laid in bed in Russia? Why they just let him go if they knew he had poison residue? Are the Russians that stupid? One has to believe that if you follow the Navalny story.

His first posts on his blog showed a big beautiful mansion on the Black Sea, purportedly owned by Putin. As it turns out it is not his, and in fact the whole thing was a fabrication.

The EU backs criminals and destroys international relationships

So the EU, who also puts parole violators back in jail, wants to pontificate from the vacuum of their own propaganda and send a message out. That you cant treat your people like we do ours or we will strike in economic ways.

But isn’t it about the Pipeline?

Well, yes, the whole thing is to keep the frictions between Europe and Russia alive. This not only gives reason for NATO, it also allows US hegemony in the region as they flood troops back. Biden said “We’re Back.” The plan is the EU will spend trillions to build special ports to offload US made liquid gas, build the ships to ship it, and pay the US three times the price after spending trillions to get it all set up. Now you may think paying three times the price for your energy is a bit stupid, but the US said that think of it as “Freedom Molecules” as gas from Russia will eventually make them dependent and no one is more dependable than the USA.

EU Silence On Freedom Loud and Clear

All in all one would hope that the EU would do something to help the journalist locked up in the most horrible jail in the UK for printing truth. In fact he is only being held in the hopes he dies from Covid, commits suicide or ends his natural life waiting for the USA to find a way to grab him and torture him for 175 years. How DARE he spread the truth!

One would have hoped the EU would have stepped up to the mark when Saudi Arabia murdered a journalist and dismembered him in one of their Embassies. In fact Turkey showed every EU leader, as well as US, the video tape, yet, arms sales and oil, well them make it hard to see just what is going on.

One would have hoped the EU would finally chastise Spain for claiming “Free Speech” when it gag’s its’ people and refuse to allow criticism of the royal family. This after the last King absconded from the country with billions of stolen funds to the very Arab nations who paid him his vig. Every Spaniard paid 3 cents a liter for every liter they used to fund the King. The king’s response? “I left you my son! He is a good man, not like me, so leave me alone” as he fled to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries who know how to treat corrupt despots with loads of cash.

One would have hoped that the EU would have spent on minute protecting the democracy it claims when the people of Catalonia voted to leave Spain. The silence is golden.

Maybe one would have hoped that the 350 days of violent protests in France would have gotten one word as 100’s died, 1000’s wounded protesting the government and its handling of just about everything.

One could hope, and one can be disappointed. One thing for sure, those that rule don’t give a toss about the people they rule.

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