Why Are The USA And Israel Stalling Palestinian Statehood?

The USA and Israel are working overtime to stall the bid of Palestine to Statehood at the UN. The world stands stunned to watch the USA, who thinks it is the light of liberty, work so desperately to stop another nation from being recognized. This comes as the US welcomed with open arms the Libyan insurgents who still have not overthrown their leader as a State. Why is the USA, represented by the Nobel Peace Prize endowed Obama, anti-Palestine?

The answer is simply a matter of land and money. Israel wants to hold off until it can grab as much land as it might need to expand its population. For several decades the plan to push the Palestinians off their land through terror, rounding them up into a reservation, and starving them came from the same plan that took the land in our nation from the original inhabitants. Once pushed off the land Israel declares the land abandoned and erects a wall to keep the original owners from being able to take back their property. Eventually this abandoned Palestinian land is made into housing for Israeli citizens.

Now decades have passed as Israel has built its new society into a factory of production expanding into this “new” territory. Looking it over they do not want to draw the lines, just yet. Their ever expanding population and need to service those families becomes increasing pressure to build on more annexed land – taken from Palestine.

The Palestinians are now at an impasse. They have made countless concessions and given up huge swaths of land and want recognition as a people and a nation to stop the aggression faced everyday by a neighbor bent on taking as much land as possible.

Obama is working relentlessly, using threats, coercion, and secret deals to stop Palestine’s UN bid and get them back to the knitting circle of useless peace talks. With this the Israelis get time to take what land they might need for their future. The longer they stall the more they grow and the more they can torture and starve the Palestinians.

We wish them all well, Palestine to get their State and Israel who might build skyward rather than outward.

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