Wall Street Protests Expand – NYPD Escalate Violence

Wall Street protests are expanding and have become a permanent fixture in Lower Manhattan as Americans from all over take to the streets to protest the corruption and lack of prosecution of those who have stolen trillions from the people with the help of the government. Since September 17th the protests have grown and expanded to mid Manhattan.

September 25th saw over 90 arrested and 100’s sprayed with mace by police. The arrests were made for walking in groups with cameras. It is illegal to video or photograph disorderly police because it may lead to prosecution of city or state agents. It is also illegal for groups of more than 3 walking without a permit from the city.

Unlike the UK, which recently banned protests and gave police sweeping power to arrest anyone with or without cause, NYC government will allow protests when a legitimate registered corporation fills out a form and follows a path outside of any zones where people may be. NYC Police, trained by our own CIA, have the power to arrest or molest anyone without cause and to hold anyone indefinitely without charge under the P.A.T.R.O.I.T. act.

Several government agencies have been involved undercover in the groups protesting and most have been CIA trained or are part of the covert agencies. They had already caused the groups to splinter and lose the impetus while losing any coherent causes. But the main focal point of holding to account the bankers and Wall Street for the corrupt business practices and the apparent inability of government to enforce or incarcerate the criminals in finance has held true.

The video below shows NYPD officers pepper spray women whose only crime appears to be they were easy pickings.

As people around the world become educated enough to understand the corruptions around them governments continue to mount campaigns of oppression. The question now is when will the Egyptian Spring arrive in the USA?

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