Mayor Bloomberg Gives Up Your Freedom For Your Protection

Mayor Bloomberg is not just making trans-fats illegal in NYC but has gone on record that New Yorkers must give up their freedoms because the world is too dangerous for freedom. Bloomberg said “As the world gets more dangerous, people are willing to have infringements on their personal freedoms that they would not before.” This, of course, is in direct contradiction to the American way, as the oft-quoted Benjamin Franklin famously put, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” So is Bloomberg giving in to terror?

Media has pushed the idea that the 16 Saudis that attacked the Trade Center ten years ago hated us for our freedoms. Michael Bloomberg is taking the city into a police state where freedom is abandoned in favor of rulings from oligarchs. Bloomberg’s recent defense of profiling nationalities used children with measles as an example. Bloomberg likes to use ridiculous comparisons to obscure analysis. The reality is the city hired current and or past CIA operatives to train New York Police on how to infiltrate the Islamic communities in New York to ferret out suspects. Apparently it has been done for years and rather than admit to racial profiling Bloomberg insists it is like looking at children for measles – it’s not singling out individuals?

Sending spies into specific communities is just that, sending spies on the people you rule to make sure they spread the stories approved by government and anything that strays from that will get you more spies. If you want to change regime here, you will find yourself arrested for life without charge or trial – that is what has happened to our nation. Habeas Corpus has been destroyed, you can be arrested and held indefinitely without charge, you can be spied upon without any due cause, and you must have papers to walk the streets.

In the end Bloomberg has now totally capitulated to the stated ends of the terrorists he claims to be fighting. There is no more freedom except to pay taxes, show your papers, and shut up. On the other hand we do congratulate the Mayor who allegedly has gone from a $10Billion fortune to a $20Billion while in office.

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