Why America Deserves Better than Clinton

Why America Deserves Better than Clinton

Many people have stopped and asked us why NYCTV does not support Hillary Clinton in her efforts to become President of the United States. Here we will try to explain it and guide you to enough information to see, and remember, what politicians spend money on so you forget.

Hillary Clinton has been caught in so many lies, crimes, deceit, and corruption no single post can enumerate or show them all. Her whole life has been designed around accumulating wealth, avoiding responsibilities, corruptions and of course scandal.

Many of her supporters try to claim she should be elected because she has a record that shows she cares. But the record shows she lies at least as much, if not more than all the other corruptions in politics. The real problem with this is she is a politician and they work on a rule of time. Time being passed erases all of the memories. Americans may remember the crimes, felt them, but then forget them. Name recognition is more important than history for a politician.

At the end of this article we are posting links to articles outlining her intrigues. From her being fired from the Watergate Committee to the bribes and money from non-existing jobs feeding her friends and power elites. There are just too many things reported, from knowledgeable people, many who worked with the Clinton’s. Many are in prison for their crimes but Hillary stays afloat.

Because this history speaks louder than the platitudes Clinton expounds on her election trail any reasonable person has to ask; why in the world even consider this individual for such a powerful office? Our nation is somehow locked into believing the two major parties, Republican and Democrat, vet, that is to say, check out and verify the fact that they will be promoting upstanding candidates, they do not want to see these very parties are a corruption of a democratic process. Yet there they are.

NYCTV is the cities greatest asset as it spreads news, video, guides, giving New York a platform to show off their best. We are not a court to make judgements on the sordid past of Clinton but we are an asset that will let New York wake up and find the information that they should have. When you judge what candidates you want to have power of you and your children you should not be mesmerized by rhetoric. You should be filled with facts and balance.

Our first suggestion, since we are not promoting other sites or agendas, is to search for “Hillary Clinton crimes,” or just “Clinton crimes” on whatever search engine you desire. We use duckduckgo because they do not track or share data that may be personal to you. But it matters not where you go, the lists will be long and the articles strong.

In this light NYCTV cannot support someone with such a record. She does not represent NY, she is not a New Yorker! With a record like hers she should never be near the Presidents office again. She should be held accountable.

Clinton Laughing at Extrajudicial murder
Laughing at Extrajudicial murder

Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever


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