Trump Wins NYCTV Endorses Trump!

Well, the votes are in from Indiana! Trump, our own New Yorker, has triumphed! TNYCTV endorses Donald Trumphe Republican party may be in shock but the people of the nation are not.

Republican Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Trump the ‘presumptive GOP nominee’ and urged party-wide unity after the property mogul cruised to victory over Cruz in Indiana by a 53 to 37 percent margin.”

It looks like the contest to lead our nation will be down to Trump, a New Yorker, and Clinton from Alabama. Because of this NYCTV has decided to endorse the only candidate that offers change without a vast history of corruption. So NYCTV endorses Trump.

We will publish a larger article about our endorsement and why you should vote for Trump and stop the corruptions in government today!

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