Whitman not liable in Sept 11 Misinformation

Harsh Realities Yet to Sink In to 9/11 Survivors

The ruling is hardly making a ripple as Christine Todd Whitman is let off the hook for outright lies and fabrications leading to her announcing the air was safe to breath after the September 11 attacks knowing full well it was not.

People may allow the realities to sink it if they are not too ugly to handle. The appeals court said legal remedies are not always available for every instance of arguably deficient government performance. It is important to understand this. There are no remedies. You can get no relief or satisfaction from actual government misdeeds because they are sovereign and you have no idea how to be one.

The Department of Justice also pushed the argument that making Whitman responsible for her misinforming the public to the horrors they were entering would set a dangerous precedent as public officials would “fear to make public statements.” This denies that you can only fear a lie the truth holds no grudge.

This ruling came as 1000’s of people are dying from the diseases caused by this misinformation given to the people of New York City by the government and Christine Todd Whitman. Because her orders to misinform the public came from the president there is no longer any public recourse. Just like when the New York Times lies for a year about illegal domestic spying. We all lose now as the government is asserts its right to lie “for the common good,” whatever that good may be.

In the meantime Christine Todd Whitman is no longer going to pay for the sickness, deaths her misinformation caused because you cannot get any remedy from your government if your government approves the lies. Once the president asks you to lie you are in the clear. Freedom and liberty, it is something to stand for. This is something to stand against.

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