Nevada Republican Caucus Take A Lesson From Mugabe

The Republican State Caucus Convention has canceled their nomination of delegates after the tally started to show Ron Paul as the winner. Senator Bob Beers, the chairman of the convention had to sneak out of the room with armed guards before the announcement of the cancellation.

It was like a look at Robert Mugabe’s book on elections as the state of Nevada’s Republicans decided to halt the vote at their caucus, keep the vote secret, and leave the building. After the proposed rubber stamp Republican Caucus in Nevada, which was to give the nod to McCain, suddenly turned into a real Republic with everyone wanting his or her rights, it looked as if Ron Paul was going to win. After 10 hours the voting looked like Ron Paul would be the winner and suddenly people started to disappear and the convention was closed without notice as the chairman left.

Ryan Erwin a Republican congressional district leader in explaining why Ron Paul voters would have to be excluded said “Part of being a national delegate is doing what is best for your party in November and that means supporting your party’s nominee.” If you can’t vote for who we tell you we certainly won’t have you in our party.

Once again politics has played in the dirt as the Republicans show they have their agenda at the national level and are not going to be listening to anyone other than their bosses. Using the never-ending rules change the Republicans showed the people if you couldn’t play their game their way they will take their ball and go home. The peoples voice is not to be heard.

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