NYC TV and Election 2008 TV Voting

Election 2008 TV is the latest sharing site for the political community. NYCTV has kept a voter booth live here at since last year and it will continue to help support political discourse with the voting booth. You can vote online free and live at NYC TV or Election 2008 Tv political sharing community.

The Election 2008 Tv political sharing community is based around video uploads from users just like YouTube. The videos allow a level playing field for all ideas and expression for the upcoming Elections and beyond.

NYCTV is proud to link to the site.

You can also check out the Election 2008 TV complete selection of tens of thousands of fast breaking news videos at the news site.

Watch here soon as NYC TV announces its new user community video sharing community. Find a place here at NYCTV to upload your videos. Community groups, art festivals, street fairs, fringe festival, you name it you post it. Watch here! Coming soon!

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