CNN Cable Network King of Fake News

CNN Cable Network King of Fake News

Do you actually watch CNN?

It really seems that CNN’s basic story is all Corona virus. It is not just a little bit, it makes a name change to Corona News Network necessary. And it is not just news, it is how to make everything Corona virus about Trump. As if Trump is the virus. As if Trump wants everyone to die or at least get sick. When states have their rights and Trump does not interfere it is all about the virus and Trump bad.

The Biden Plan?

I am sure that they think the Biden troopers could do better. As Biden hid in his basement and only now comes out to selected audiences in car parks he would have done better. Would he try to tell Americans to stay at home and not go out. Lock downs like Europe? Will Biden make the federal government into a fascist dictatorship that strips the States of everything they thought they had? Nothing would make the nation react badly more than such a move, yet Crisis News Network wants that.

CNN Crisis News Network

Erin Burnett Stupidity
Erin Burnett Stupidity

CNN, the crisis news network is pumping out garbage daily. This one idiot, Erin Burnett, a revolving head from CNBC, she actually got on almost crying asking how anyone could deny the efficacy of wearing a mask. Somehow her limited brain could not fathom anyone who could rational anything diffaerent than her. That is what that whole network is about. I wonder if she ever got out in the world and met any flat worlder’s or anyone with a different mindset?


Today, like everyday, CNN depends on fake news and Donald Trump.

CNN Elizabeth Cohen Blathers Baloney
CNN Elizabeth Cohen Blathers Baloney

Today’s idiot of the day goes to Elizabeth Cohen, senior medical correspondent whose resume really contains nothing. She becomes part of the effort to stifle anyone who might have a different perspective then herself. She attacks a real doctor, doctor Atlas, because of one thing: His claim that “We see a lot of cases. We do not see and explosion of deaths.” This is right after they showed how cases rising but deaths were not rising anywhere near the same rate. But Cohen decides that everyone who dies now it is all doctor Atlas. His responsibility. Is this called shaming or pontificating from a vacuum? Wait, there are two things she covers, the other is that the words were from an interview on “Russian State TV.” Totally fake news as it was on RT, which like BBC, NPR or PBS and get funding from their respective governments. It is not State TV.

Probably the worst part of CNN is that they constantly are scare mongering and pointedly anti-Trump pro anything left wing. But they ignore the left when they do wrong and only comment when it can be blamed on Trump.

My advice is to get to many outlets and judge after. Use the BBC, RT, and see if you can get Euronews, RTVE, and any outlet outside of the USA. Looking inside is never as good as an outside panorama.


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