USA Coup In Venezuela Brings Oil Back

USA Coup In Venezuela Brings Oil Back

US Recognizes Self Proclaimed President Sets Precedent With Venezuela

The insanity in the last couple weeks, coming from the Trump White House, can be seen in their major drive to bring about a coup in Venezuela using a flimsy excuse to recognize a self-proclaimed president. After way over 2 years of crippling sanctions on Venezuelans all of a sudden the US government feigns its’ desire to help Venezuelans. If there was really a concern there would never have been the pressures that Trump and Pense have foisted on the government of Maduro.

Building A Fake Opposition for Regime Change

While there are many there who have little what is called the “opposition” has more than enough. If you just look at the pictures of the “opposition” protesting you can clearly see everyone is well fed, well dressed, and doing just fine. A complete opposite picture is painted of what is happening there. But dont be fooled, the poor there are having problems but the reasons are not that the government is suppressing them, the problem is the US sanctions, blockades, and banking confiscations have made it impossible for Maduro’s government to pay for the medicines, food, and goods the nation needs.

Destroy Governments With Sanctions

While on the one side squeezing the elected government with those sanctions and blockades it met with the self-proclaimed Guaido who wants to be president without being elected more than 2 weeks before his unilateral self-proclaimed presidency. Sources say the US government funded him with over $22 million to start off with. Guaido headed back and claimed his own assumption of power with a farcical use of the Venezuelan Constitution paragraph 233 which is all about when the office of president is vacant from sickness, death, or serious illness. None of which exist except in the minds of the “opposition” who lost the election for president. It would be like Pense declaring himself president because Trump was hated by the majority of people. Or actually more like Pelosi doing that.

As a bonus to Guaido the US government has moved to give him access to all bank accounts and the oil from Venezuela to bring about this coup, hoping that the US does not have to actually do the regime change itself. A reported $300 million has already passed his way.

Once you see the pictures of the “opposition” marching the streets of Caracas you cannot miss that they are all so well dressed and fed one might think it was happening in the USA or Europe. The disparity is apparent if you watch CNN and see them showing the children in the garbage dumps looking for anything and they switch to the “opposition.”

The real problems, as with any nation trying socialism, is the sanctions, blockades and confiscations inflicted by the USA. Since the start of the Chávez movement these sanctions, restrictions, and banking issues have crippled the efforts there and in the last two years they have accelerated bringing more pressure on Venezuela to pay for the goods they need. They are totally dependent for food and medicine as imports and are forced to use dollars to do it. Two years ago Maduro started to move to other currencies and recently to no more dollar sales.

When you add the threat this all brings to the American dollar, the fact that Venezuela is the largest holder of oil (far surpassing Saudi Arabia), and add to that the USA cannot allow a socialist government control such assets, well, you can see why the US is pumping into this kid who is ready to do the USA bidding.

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