Boris Johnson Compares Burka Wearing Women With Letter Box

Boris Johnson Compares Burka Wearing Women With Letter Box

Boris Johnson, one time mayor of London and regrettable Foreign Secretary to Theresa May’s government, is lathering at the mouth to get more notice as he fights to become Prime Minister.

In his latest round of bluster he has left his lies at the door and attacked Muslim woman who wear a full face cover, or burka. He has compared them to a letter box. So we looked at the letter box, then looked at a burka covered woman and concur, there is a resemblance. Both are covered and locked and both have a slit. One is a slit to access the box, the other is a slit to see that something under the cover is live. What is under that full body cover can be anyone’s guess and that might be the real issue.

So while Johnson is using this as his way to stay relevant after his lies and buffoonery during his tenure as Foreign Secretary, he has drawn a fair comparison for the many racists he is trying to woo. There is the problem that he is also insulting woman who choose to cover everything under the guise of a religious purpose as well as the religion, which has nothing about wearing special clothing in its Koran.

Europe is approaching a cross road where its’ bombing and wars in the Middle East has caused huge movement of the people in the nations being bombed – and they are moving to the UK, Germany and in rare cases forced to live in France or Spain. While one might find it fine that the UK absorb the migrants fleeing their bombs most in the UK rather keep that idea separate. It is always hard to realize you created your own problem. The real problem will be if they finally figure out the reality and change it or do they continue to keep the migrants flowing out from under UK bombing into the UK as a different issue?

As for the joker called Boris Johnson, we await his appointment as Prime Minister so there are more opportunity for clowns, jokers, and of course idiocy from the government of a queen.

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