Buzzfeed Leads Mass Media To Fake News

Buzzfeed Leads Mass Media To Fake News

Buzzfeed Leads Mass Media To Fake News.

Buzzfeed is an online entity that is dedicating itself, or so they want you to believe, to be a news outlet. Recent stories are bent on taking our nation into a frenzy, whipping the Democratic party faithful into a lucrative click bait army. The real problem is major news networks take idiot fake news like Buzzfeed and report on the fake news created by the brain dead biased drones these entities use and feed. We used to call this “click bait” but now it is sort of like the online garbage once found only on sensational tabloids. What makes this worse is it is not pushing monkey men but working to push distrust in government using lies, distortions and sensationalism devoid of journalistic research.

Trump Told Cohen To Lie To Congress

The latest Buzzfeed story was based on unidentified sources and focused their clicks and mass media to share garbage on a fictitious report alleging that Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Organization’s pursuit of a deal to build a luxury residential high-rise in the center of Moscow. Every major news organization picked the story up from CNN, FOX, Washington Post, and on. There is a real problem when such sensational garbage is foisted in such a way. People have this groundless faith that major news would never print lies and sensational biased garbage.

All the time Buzzfeed and the mass media tie this into their mantra trying to impeach the president. The whole exercise seems to be to divert and divide the people using something they really do not know about – impeachment, rather than focus on what is really happening. In so many words the whole idea that we have been stuck since day one with that impeachment as the main focus makes the problems we really have get pushed into a bucket of soup no one is bothering with.

Google Pushes Fake News First

When you add to that the remarked propensity of search giant Google to push this story out, keep Buzzfeed and their ilk at the top of all searches, you get the prefect storm that stokes the fires of discontent across the United States. If you really believe in Google is a search engine instead of an advertising giant who profiles you and everyone on the Internet for financial and political gain you only have to see if you can find this story or even NYCTV in their top results. See where they put NYCTV and scratch your head in amazement.

We have always produced real stories, in depth articles and news that is bleeding edge and holds nothing back. We live on donations and sell no stories without real sources. Keep us out there and most of all, think!

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