Ukraine Bombs NATO Zelenskyy Blames Russia

Ukraine Bombs NATO Zelenskyy Blames Russia

Ukraine Bombs NATO Poland Blames Russia

Ukraine bombed Poland and killed two of its’ citizens while destroying a civilian apartment building. Zelensky immediately blamed Russia even though facts, according to the USA, were that the missile was from Ukrainian forces.

NATO is furious over the lies from Zelensky about Russia to blame for Polish attack. On Wednesday Zelenskyy publicly announced he had “no doubt” the missile that landed in Poland was not a “Ukrainian” one. Bringing the NATO war backers close to a confrontation based on lies.

NATO officials have claimed

“This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying [our] confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and yet they are openly lying. This is more destructive than the missile.”

A meeting of NATO was called to condemn Russia for the Ukrainian attack but they soon discovered that the missile was from Ukrainian forces.

Even days after NATO discovered that it was a missile from Ukraine Zelensky claims it was Russia and wants to see the evidence himself. There was no stopping his war mongering and he was out begging for money and more arms instead of a solution for peace.

In the meantime Zelensky has made no call to help negotiate any peace efforts and instead has asked for more money, more weapons, more munitions as he is more concerned with his image than his people or giving peace a change.

As the war was really caused by the intransigence of Zelensky to implement the Minsk agreements the claim by some in NATO that the bottom line finds Russia to blame for waging war. Zelenskyy seems to think war means he gets NATO weapons to bring death and destruction to Russia but Russia cannot do anything to them. The destruction of infrastructure is a long proven war goal. When the USA destroyed Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan the first thing they did was to take out all infrastructure and leave them in the dark ages. That is what war is Zelensky! You should have thought about your people before you went to war!

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