Twitter President Bombs On Youtube Evidence

Twitter President Bombs On Youtube Evidence

US Joins Terror Groups With Syrian Interventions

After invading Syria last week the USA has now joined Islamic State in armed conflict against the Syrian government using Youtube videos as the pretext to war and bombing Syrian airfields.

While we supported Trump in his election because of his claims of no more interventions and never falling for the fake news trying to drag us into wars, like Iraq, it is getting to the point that Trump has turned on his promises. There was no diplomacy; there was no independent investigation, this is an intervention. You promised NO MORE INTERVENTIONS!

  • The facts:
  • Syria has no chemical weapons stockpile.
  • Syria has been on a path to victory against the terrorist’s organizations that threaten their nation.
  • Assad had recently been accepted by the current US government.

But now we see youtube videos posted by the various terrorists’ organization showing many sick and dying people, both young and old. But Trump had made a point of never making the same mistake as Bush Jr. did of believing the lies from his own military, as Bush did with his generals showing poisons to the UN Security Council. Poisons that never existed.

Now, rather than investigate what happened, and trying to find out why President Assad would risk his victories by using chemical weapons he does not have Trump pulls a preemptive strike based on a youtube video as “indisputable truth” that Assad has used poison gas.

There is no motive for Assad, who is winning against insurgents and terrorists, to use such weapons and lose his gains.

As with the Gulf of Tonkin, as with the WMD of Iraq, Trump is following the course of many other presidents leading Americans into illegal and unjust war. In this instance we will see our government joining terrorists instead of fighting them. A sad state of affairs President Trump has dragged us into.

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