Obama’s Intelligence Chiefs In Final Coup

Obama’s Intelligence Chiefs In Final Coup

Dont look now, but the final Obama affront to freedom takes individual States out of voting for president and places it in one single entity – Homeland Security.

While the CIA and FBI provided the smoke screen with a report of hacking, containing no evidence but plenty hyperbole, Homeland Security has taken over the election process and moved it to their auspices where they can homogenize and control all elections by claiming the myriad election apparatus is “critical infrastructure.”

The decision was made by Homeland Security with Homeland Security laying claim as the sole arbiter of the future of all our election results. This is removing the rights of States of their own diverse registrations, databases, voting machines, voting ballots and announcing results all moved to this single entity where a single point of entry, or hack, can change everything. It was done without any normal procedures and is outside any laws protecting our nation. They can now do whatever they want, whenever they want and they are not held back by any of our elected officials. Remember that Homeland Security is all appointed self serving heads of political parties and the rest of their “officials” self appointed.

The designation allows for information to be withheld from the public when state, local and private partners meet to discuss election infrastructure security — potentially injecting secrecy into an election process that’s traditionally and expressly a transparent process.

Basically our nation has undergone a coup while Obama leaves office. It will be his last, maybe last, legacy.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp called the action “a federal overreach into a sphere constitutionally reserved for the states.” According to a copy of his comments released by his office, Kemp told Johnson on the phone that “this smacks of partisan politics” given the dwindling days left in the Obama administration.


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