Fake News Fans Flames For War

Fake News Fans Flames For War

Trump moves to join Hillary Clinton in War Stance for nothing!

Fake news has been all over the airwaves with praise for Trump’s latest move to the warmonger party. While Trump has done an about face about every major promise, no more interventions, no more regime change, no more war over lies like WMD in Iraq, the mass media is now in full bloom with praises for dealing death for youtube videos.

The last week we have been treated to the same nations, UK, France, and the US praising each other for Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airport. The same warmongers who cheered Libya’s great liberation and the same nations who went to war over fake WMD in Iraq. The mad media has hailed, as a triumph, the illegal bombing of a nation who never attacked any US interest.

What did we get from the leftist, liberal news media? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria stated that “Donald Trump became president of the United States” when the strikes started, while The Washington Post’s David Ignatius said on MSNBC that the commander in chief had “put pure more umph, more credibility” back into “American power.” MSNBC’s Brian Williams went so far as to call the Tomahawk missiles, which state-run Syrian media reported killed at least nine people, including four children, “beautiful.”

All this while not one piece of evidence supports the actions. The UN investigation has only confirmed that it SEEMS as if a chemical weapon exploded, but does not know how it was delivered. If it was from the air, from a locally fired weapon, or a consequence of a bombing run, where the gas was stored locally for use on Syrian military and civilians.

Since the UN removed all chemical weapons and certified that the Syrian government had no more chemical weapons the only ones left with them are the “moderate rebels” supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the USA and UK.

We are disappointed that after all his promises and rhetoric President Trump fell for the false flag and joined with ISIS and the Turkish terrorists in working to topple another government. As Assad is the only government actually working to stop the Islamic State with a standing army we should be working closer, not believing the terrorists videos showing poor children. Certainly some EVIDENCE might be nice? Why not wait Mr. Trump? Why not communicate? Did you really decide to capitulate to the military industrial complex? 200 million dollars blown into the air in a couple minutes because of youtube videos showing Islamic State victims? You are losing the people who elected you and doing exactly what Hillary wanted in the first place. WAKEY WAKEY!

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