Trump Wants To Buy Greenland For Oil

Trump Wants To Buy Greenland For Oil

Trump wants Greenland’s wealth and strategic location.

First we all thought this was just a big joke. Where in the world does Trump, all of a sudden, want to buy Greenland from Denmark? Not only has it been clarified that it is true, but Trump, in his inevitable style, has demanded Denmark sell Greenland to the USA. To make his point Trump has cancelled his state visit to Denmark because of their outright refusal to sell Greenland. So any thinking being might ask what is this all about?

It’s all about the oil.

Greenland has the world’s largest remaining oil resources. In fact the waters of the north east coast, Greenland territorial waters, contains at least 110 BILLION barrels of oil. All around Greenland are vast supplies of good crude. In fact Chevron and ExxonMobil have already partnered with other International oil companies winning licesnse in 8 areas in the west of Greenland.

Since all this oil belongs to the Danish one would have to wonder how the USA, who is trillions in debt, could pay. Will they just print up a million tons of papier mâché dollars? This might bring the gold market to new highs – watch this space.

But it is more than oil. Greenland is Strategically close to Russia

Because of the recent climate change the northwest passage is opening larger and longer allowing ships and exploration to take place. Not only are there vast resources, including the oil, there is a strategic advantage bringing US weapons, including atomic, closer to the whole of Russia. Well within range of short range hyper atomic weapons which will reach Moscow in minutes.

Of course this all has to ignore that this is Danish and not the USA unless Trump can find a way to pry this prize of the tiny nation.

One can expect the unexpected. So trade will be affected as well as banking. Politicians will be cut off from using the US banking system, SWIFT will close its doors to them. Soon we will recognize an unknown official as the new president, and condemn the current government. They are socialist and evil. The only difference between Denmark and Venezuela is the climate.

Expect the unexpected when you think American Exceptionalism

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