Malign Acts Bring World Closer to War With Iran

Malign Acts Bring World Closer to War With Iran

Israel Thrilled with US War Dance

Recent days have seen insane malign acts by the USA and UK followed by malign acts of retribution from Iran.

It all started with the USA pull out of an International agreement to halt Iranian efforts to build an atomic weapon. But Israel wanted Iran to stop all missile testing and have Iran destroy their missiles as well as their anti aircraft defenses and the USA, under Trump, was colluding with Israel, ready and willing to do their dirty work.

Spain Refuses But UK Willing to go to War

On July 4th the USA requested Spain to seize an Iranian oil tanker under the guise that it “may” be taking crude oil to Syria (Syria has its’ own oil reserves). The only evidence was the US claim. Spain refused so they asked their slave state, the UK, in Gibraltar to do the deed. The UK has no problem following the US into any conflict and obliged. The government in Gibraltar said they did it on its’ own, but the Spanish government questioned that as they knew what was going on.

UK Piracy – Seizes Ship In International Waters

That seizure, in International waters, is highly questionable and most probably illegal as there is no evidence of anything illegal or otherwise that would make that seizure legal. It set a precedent as it was in International waters and Iran was quick to warn the UK that it should release the tanker or face reciprocal actions. Days later the UK government, not Gibraltar, said it “might” release the tanker if Iran promised it will not deliver the crude to Syria. But in effect the UK has, once again, reverted to piracy by stealing a commercial vessel and in doing so helped the US and Israel to find an excuse for raising the tensions with Iran.

US Claims To Down Drone Without Evidence

Two weeks later the US claimed they shot down a drone while in Iranian waters and said it was an Iranian drone. They have provided nothing, no video, no wreckage, to prove they shot down anything at all much less an Iranian drone. In fact Iran stated all their drones are in tact and nothing is missing. The news releases in the Middle East have started to say the drone, if it existed, was probably from the UAE or Israel as a pretense to increase the US warship presence. It worked. The US has reopened an abandoned base in Saudi Arabia and committed 500 troops, along with aircraft and assault ships to the despotic state of Saudi Arabia.

That led up to Friday’s seizure of a UK oil tanker by Iran.

The truth is:

Malign US and UK actions were followed by Iran malign reactions. But for the fact that the UK, under US request, had not seized an Iranian oil tanker the Iranians would not be seizing a UK vessel.

If the US had not withdrawn from the nuclear deal and placed the original sanction and added even more along with threats to any nation of the same if they deal with Iran, we would not have this problem at all. The EU, that is the central authority for all 28 European nations, wishes to continue with the treaty but every European business from insurance, pharmaceuticals, automobile, or investments are obeying the US because of the banking system so are powerless to reverse the sanctions. Since the deal was no more nuclear activity in exchange for relief of sanctions and peace and the whole west joined in applying the sanctions the deal is finished. Iran, for its’ part, has turned to the EU to do the right thing but the EU cannot force its’ corporations to do the right thing. They have to make profits and obey the banking system along with whatever the USA wants.

What we are left with in the USA crushing the Iranian deal?

We are left with rising tensions, rising oil prices, profits flowing to despotic regiemes from increased oil prices, and a 30% increase of prices at the gas pumps.

Why are we there?

Because Israel and Netanyahu want to destroy Iran and the White House is clearly colluding with Israel and a mere pawn for the Jewish State.

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