Trump Refuses To Defend Violence In Charlottesville

Trump Refuses To Defend Violence In Charlottesville

Trump Stands Tall Against ALL Violence In Charlottesville

Donald Trump has once again stood up for American and our rights. Condemning all violence he stood tall. Once again the mass media railed against him with an onslaught of fake news that wanted to glorify one groups violence over another groups violence. Donald Trump was, and is, the Only man in government standing to defend our right to free speech. Once it was a war cry to defend your right to free speech with ones life. Today you can only defend the right of certain people to be able to speak.

Do groups who do not like what other groups say have the right to unlawfully attack them for what they say? I don’t think so, not in the USA.

In Charlottesville you have a march, condoned by the local government, given a permit to march and assemble, and they did so. You have another group who were paid and bused into the area with the sole purpose of disrupting the permitted assembly. They never even applied for a permit and are an unlawful assembly. They were both armed because the state allows open carry. They were both hate groups and hated each other. The only difference was one group had a legal right, got their permit, were within the laws, and the other group was not.

To me, and many other Americans, both groups are hate groups. Their whole existence is about hating each other. They feed off each others hate and are backed and paid for by those who rather pay for buses and meals than stand in danger from the reality of their hate.

Trump stood tall. Trump condemned all the violence and hatred. Mass media decided to follow the fake news path and pretend that one hate group, the one there without permits and were unlawfully instigating violence, should be defended while the ones with the legal permits, peacefully marching should not be defended. Trump would have none of this. In fact all Americans should back Trump for this.

Trump has broke a lot of his promises. He has not brought Russia closer, he has not stopped us being the world police, he has not stopped following regime change agendas, but here he has done right.

All those hate groups, by any name, neo-nazi, antifa, whatever, if they are involved in violence they are out of bounds.

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