Trump Forgot To Drain the Swamp

Trump Forgot To Drain the Swamp

Now he pays the price!

Time has come to comment on the Trump presidency so far. What has gone wrong?

Many of us voted for him because he was intent on draining the swamp, ridding the government of the corruptions within, embracing Russia for better relations, stopping the expanding war cycles, and ending our policy of changing regimes around the world.

Most of his problems come from his failure to drain the swamp. Once he took office he just took the swamp rats and gave them power and position. Bringing in more bankers, more profiteers, and letting Clinton/Obama appointees continue their rampage from within his new presidency. That is not draining the swamp it is taking it over.

So for that he gets leaks, bad intel, and the worst the democratic owned press can offer. Had he actually drained the swamp and brought in new people he might have had new things on hand.

Look what the new president of France has done. He made a new political party, brought in all new faces, made a new parliament and can do things no one before him could do. I don’t like what he is doing but I certainly see he changed the fact of French politics. His new party now controls everything.

Imagine of Trump had done that? Cleaned house instead of letting the same old war mongers, Clinton campers, and political insiders play against him. Look at what happened this last weekend with a Congress that voted overwhelming to maintain Russia an enemy instead of embracing a change.

Trump claims Republicans did not protect him. WAKE UP! You are not a Republican and you are not a Democrat, you are Trump. Like the new French president you are not from either party, you should never have allowed either side to be part of your process. Since you did you have so many leaks, so much distortion, so much baloney we are left with a sliver of the man we voted for.

Make a BREAK now President Trump. Get rid of those parties. Make a new one for yourself! We hate Democrats and we hate Republicans! We want CHANGE and that cant happen with the likes of Clintons, McCains, or either corrupt party in power. DO IT!

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