Islamic State Sleeper Cells Start Destruction of USA

Islamic State Sleeper Cells Start Destruction of USA

Are the Antifa more Islamic State or Communists?

Islamic sleeper cells have been activated in the homeland of America. Just when you thought they were only winning in Syria and Germany they have started their actions here in the mainland USA.

Last night in NYC, Baltimore and Chicago they worked through the night removing and destroying our public parks and historical monuments. Following a day of violence a new Islamic Jihadi group called “ANTIFA” reared its ugly head and attacked Americans in Charlottesville. The frenzy got so bad someone drove a car into these radical jihadis.

There is no surprise in the goals of the Jihadi group, destroy all history and imagery as dictated in their Koran.

Now we see mass media. Hollywood’s elites, congresspeople of all colors and parties come out to defend the Jihadist group ANTIFA as defenders of justice and all that is good? People, they came in droves on busses funded by the same people that funded the infatada, the same people that fund the Islamic State and with the same goals – to destroy historical artifacts, cause antagonism, and make unlawful assemblies to counter those who would preserve the historical artifacts and march legally. This is why we see mass media as fake news, they are not telling the real story, they are telling a back story with nonsensical allegories.

President Trump is being vilified for condemning all violence and why? Because he wont single out the only group who had a permit to march and was doing it to preserve and protect history.

Mass media and political parties want to remove history, bleach the wheat and homogenize everything so there is one rule, one history and it will be dictated by the Jihadis in their newly formed ANTIFA.

One has to wonder if these ANTIFA are trying to be the answer to Nazi thoughts in the USA or just a bunch of Communists with the same old Stalinist iron hand rule to make sure no dissent, no cause can be heard except their cause – that is ANTIFA today.

Violence and hate belong in the gutter and not promoted no matter who is doing it. Right, Left, or in betweeners who are too confused to figure out which bathroom to use better figure it out and make American Great Again – stop abusing.

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