Trump Outs Jim Acosta Fake News CNN Bites The Dust

Trump Outs Jim Acosta Fake News CNN Bites The Dust

It was an amazing press conference. Trump has avoided using the press corp, for good reason, but on Wednesday Jan 11, 2017 he gave a good one.

The press had a lot of problems coming up with anything to ask the President elect outside of their recent focus of conspiracy mongering and Russia. I found the highlight of the conference Trump slamming Jim Acosta from CNN (which has become the Clinton News Network) and Buzzfeed for their incredibly insane coverage of fake news over journalism of any kind.

First Buzzfeed, an inane website, published a “story” and paper, supposedly from the government intelligence community, which it tried desperately to verify – but couldn’t. No problem, they publish it anyway. The paper alleges Trump had strange sex acts and other “things” that could be used by Russia to blackmail the President at a later date. CNN picked up that piece and while not publishing the whole piece made it national news adding, it to their other unsubstantiated claims about Russia. All this to further pound on Trump’s desire to work closer with Russia rather than continue the Obama/Clinton fanning of the flames of war.

While those of us in the USA are finding out this is all a farce as of the morning of the 12th in Europe the news is treating this as fact, because it came from CNN. How in the world does CNN get credibility when it behaves like this? Is it any wonder that Trump stood up on the podium at a press conference and called them what they are? FAKE NEWS!

Now the damage moves outward, it does not matter it is lies and fake, and the whole world believes the document is real when it is not.

I was watching a BBC news show and they actually had a spokesperson from another fake news site, Huffington Post, who actually commented on it as if it was real. These news outlets are falling so far into fake news they cannot see it for themselves and checking for a story before talking is out of their logic.

It is fairly clear to any observer that mass media, fake news, is bent on stopping President Trump from changing Russia into a partner instead of an adversary. But that is Trump’s greatest ability, to make a deal, to make partners of disparate sides. As President Trump has already pointed out Russia would make a better friend than a bitter enemy. Anyone who rather continue to fan the flames of hate against Russia is an idiot. America needs good partners in the war on terrorists and there can be no better candidate for a friend than Russia.

I applaud Trump in his treatment of fake news organizations. They have too many ties to the Clinton’s and with the Obama appointed intelligence agencies we have the same, a sea of inept and politicized agencies too bent on their agenda.

Here are just some of the insiders who cross the line and fuel the fake news:

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

ABC News president, Ben Sherwood, is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Obama’s special assistant.

ABC national correspondent for “Good Morning America,” Ciaire Shipman, is married to Jay Carney, Obama’s press secretary.

CBS News president, David Rhodes, is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser.

CNN vice president and deputy bureau chief Virginia Moseley is married to Tom Nides, deputy security state for management and resources (under Secretary Clinton and now under Secretary Kerry).

One has to realize that today’s intelligence agencies are merely spokespeople for the Obama/Clinton regime and pushing for an agenda to keep their budgets fat. If Russia and the USA ever start working together the losers will be the military industrial complex, the winners will be people.



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