Obama Poisons The Well and Burns The Fields

Obama Poisons The Well and Burns The Fields

In his last days holding the office of the president of the United States Obama seems hell-bent on destroying any respect the world has for the USA.

After a stunning defeat of his policies, Clinton, and his efforts to campaign for Hillary Obama set out goals to make the transition of government as a confrontational supporter of terrorists, aggressive confrontation of Russia, and government funding of bankrupt banking as difficult as possible.

Not content with thousands of pardons for criminals large and small to fill his final days he chose to confront Israel in the UN by changing 50 years of political policy to his own hatred filled policy. After that he decided that if he released a report, which at the very top disclaims any responsibility for its’ content, he could add more sanctions on Russia. Making détente all the more difficult for Trump to accomplish.

Obama Poisons The Well
Obama Poisons The Well

To add insult to devastating injury Obama’s policy to overthrow the government of Syria opened the door to new world leader, Russia, and placed Russia ahead of the US as they, along with Iran and Turkey, finally pounded out a cease fire in Syria and started the process of reconciliation there. The Russians totally sidelined the Obama’s US policies and power as they swept the floor with the Obama backed terrorists.

Never before has so much poison been poured in the well by an outgoing president. Even the Clintons’ stealing all the “W” keys from computer keyboards as they left the white house pales in comparison.

The basic reasons for Obama’s behavior are numerous. Starting with the personal loss of the election by one of the chosen ones – Hillary Clinton. Even with the mass media totally in hand and pumping out propaganda for the democratic party, even with his non-stop campaigning (paid for by taxpayers) for Clinton, even with a private visit by Slick Willie to a private meeting on a jet with the head of the Justice Department to sideline present investigations, even with all the democratic polls showing a landslide for Hillary, when the votes were done Trump had won by a landslide. Obama, his policies, his cronies, were out of business and out on the streets.

This was not the way they wrote that ending and he is not going to allow a smooth transition. Using the unconstitutional “presidential orders,” which are royal decrees with no legal basis, he is creating a mess that Trump will have to change.

The most important facts to come out of this are how well Putin and Trump take this all in. As Trump has still not been sworn in he does not have the power to stop Obama from pouring poisons all over the place, but in a couple weeks he does. Both Putin and Trump have shown restraint and a lot of common sense as they watch this horrid behavior without reacting like the children who are causing the problem, but as the leaders of great nations do.

Soon, Trump will be in office and he will be tearing up those presidential orders and trashing them, as they should never have seen the light of day. He will sit down with Russia and hammer out a deal that will bring these two great nations together to work on world problems, as they should – together.

Obama, for his part, will struggle to show any legacy to be proud of.

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