Time to Hold CNN, NY Times Accountable for Treason

Time to Hold CNN, NY Times Accountable for Treason

For the past 5 years CNN along with NY Times has pushed a 24 hour a day – everyday – assault on our government. Since losing the election in 2016 after promising a landslide victory the news we once relied on has gone rank with vitriol and pushed to overturn the election at every turn of their programming.

Passing the DNC funded fake “Dossier” making Trump’s desire to bring Russia into the International fold impossible. Turning every word into a distortion. Example, Jake Trapper, one of the worst of them, claiming that Trump wants all Americans to inject bleach to fight the virus. What kind of idiot can watch what Trump actually said and distort it into such lies. Jake Trapper has to be tried for TREASON!

Just in the last hours to the election NY Times writes an article saying “reliable sources” tell them that Russia is paying a bounty for US soldiers killed in Afghanistan. What BALDERDASH! Even they had to correct their “article” to state the sources may be very unreliable. The NY Times has pushed to overturn the election with every article they print. They must be tried for encouraging insurrection and treason.

As the talking heads of CNN pushed to have Trump concede the election, Trapper screaming UNPRECEDENTED (obvious he was not around in 2000 when Gore forgot to concede? Perhaps he did not watch Hillary Clinton say “Don’t Ever Concede?” Trump followed the law, he contested where he could, he ran right up to the end and once the vote was ratified he committed to the transfer of power.
BUT, that is not good enough for CNN, NY Times, or the DNC. They want Trump dead. They want to drive the wooden spike into the heart of what they see as a vampire sucking freedom from the USA.

CNN wants a protest called an insurrection.

At best, there might have been several hundred radicals that “broke into” the peoples buildings. Some of them might have done crimes! OMG! Where were the burning buildings? Where were the looters robbing business’s? Where was the rioting in the streets?

Is it because Trump did not coddle these protestors calling it a summer of love, or an autonomous zone, or calling back the police so that the “protestors” could occupy? That is how our nation has treated other protestors.

CNN wants to talk about 4 dead. But only wants to talk about 1, a policeman who AFTER going off duty had a heart attack in his home. What they wont talk about are the other 3. The woman shot in the face with a non-lethal rubber bullet that magically killed her? Nothing. The other 2 shot by police far from the actual building?? Nothing. Just 1 officer down, not even at the event, at home, from a heart attack! CNN lies, NY Times lies, all to divide the nation more.

Right now both CNN and NY Times are trying to “shame” VP Pense, even calling him a pussy for not removing Trump from office for them. Yes, 5 years of this and they want this blood to come from Tumps’ own people? SHAME ON YOU CNN and NY TIMES!
They must be held accountable for the radical lies, deceit and corruption they have pushed for 5 years trying to overturn an election they lost.

Now that the DNC has won, mostly because of 5 years CNN and NY Times spreading misinformation, they still want blood. So much blood they are actually calling for ever representative or senator who backed Trump to resign.

What we must all remember?

72,000,000 voted for Trump
74,000,000 voted for Biden
Only 11,780 votes gave Biden the election.

There is nothing there telling me Biden, CNN, or NY Times won anything. This is called a HUGE divide. What we see now is how Biden’s leadership is “healing the divide.” Impeachment, Calling the VP to remove the President, getting law suits ready, calling for all Representatives and Senators who supported Trump to resign. This is how Biden is leading the effort to bring Americans together.

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