Biden and DNC Have Road Map To Unity For The USA

Biden and DNC Have Road Map To Unity For The USA

Biden Road Map To Unity

President Biden, the oldest president of the USA ever, has started his wonderful route, along with the Democrat Party to bring the nation back to unity.

His first acts were to roll-back everything 72,000,000 voters fought for. His next act was to ignore the insidious DNC in their continued witch hunt against Donald Trump. After beating him by a resounding couple million votes, he wants to be president for all 145,000,000. To do this he must keep beating the dead horse until he is dead. To have DNC, CNN and their proxies media actually saying 72,000,000 Americans need re-education centers and mind control.

If you listen to CNN all you can hear is about an “insurrection.” There was no insurrection, there was a protest where a few hundred people entered the PEOPLES building. Some were criminals, and they will be prosecuted. But to call it an insurrection? The only reason to call THIS an insurrection while calling the riots, burning, deaths from “peaceful protest” in Minneapolis, Portland, and all over the USA. If that reality played out at this tame “insurrection” we would have no CNN anymore.

Biden has allowed the impeachment of a public person not in public office, an x-president. Biden has the singular power to annul all the divisiveness in the nation with one sweep of the pen.


Biden will only blow our nation apart as he makes the divide into a chasm that cannot be closed and allowing something looking more like a mob trying to drive a stake into the heart of the man they despised because he beat the Clinton’s.

Biden has moved to allow Russia to continue without sanctions to grow its’ nuclear arsenal. Will that bring the country together?

Biden will just allow his first 100 days to be all about driving the stake into the heart of the last sitting president. It just may also be his biggest mistake of his presidency.

The only way to heal is to bring it all together, not drive the stake!

Good luck Mr. President. Give Trump a pardon and do it now!

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