Biden And NATO Dragging Us Into War With Lies

Biden And NATO Dragging Us Into War With Lies

Biden And NATO Dragging Us Into War With Lies

The world is at risk and do not doubt that. Biden has gone to Ukraine, Poland and then to NATO dragging us further into military conflict.

Surprise visit by Biden

With a “surprise” visit to wag his manhood with the leader of this war, Zelenskyy, our president Biden added another half billion in debt to aid the most corrupt nation in Europe. This after only a week before Zelenskyy had to fire 11 top aides for stealing too much. He actually thought that might bring him a faster track to EU membership but shows that corruption is deep in the blood of Ukrainians as it is Russians. Ukraine is NOT a democracy. But two advisors were fired for telling the truth, that it bombs falling from the sky were because of Ukraine, not Russia.

The world is not standing with Ukraine

Latin America has largely refused to back Ukraine and the West in their ongoing war with Russia. In recent weeks, America has offered compelling deals to Latin American nations like Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in order to convince them to send weapons to Ukraine. Their sharp refusals highlight the continent’s strong fierce independence. Weapons Not For Peace

Biden has not visited chemical train wreck

But Biden, while ignoring his own nation under stress from its’ own chemical attacks by their own railroads, must think that a good war will create jobs and avoid economic ruin. Nothing like a good war to get the machine back in operation. Dragging us into war

Biden followed in the rancorous call for war at any cost after Rishi Sunak did the same a week prior. In fact most of NATO, not all, have stated that “Russia cannot win.” They have stated their goal, they have dragged us along into the abyss.

It’s Off To War We go

The wolf has dragged us off to a dire future, donning a garb of a lamb, whinging tales of “values,” “rule of law,” and defending our way of life. The platitudes and outright hypocrisy pathetic. There is no reason for us to be defending a corruption like Ukraine. Specially when we have our own issues at home and can use it to help our own peoples as our nation drops into poverty. Specially as Ukrainian soldiers are telling their generals they will come after them!

The worse case is not one leader speaks of peace talks or any effort at all. Just that Russia must not win. That is a declaration of war. Not a beacon of peace and freedom, a call to destroy. That is telling. That is the issue. The efforts of “our leaders” is to fuel more war. No fuel for peace. In fact even the UK “clown minister” Boris Johnson is still trying to rule the UK demanding that they send advanced jets into the war. All this pushing for all out war.

Zelenskyy, the leader of this fiasco, screams that Russia must be defeated so his nation can defend the world for freedom and democracy. This kind of idiocy is being EMBRACED! Insanity is on the rise and we have wrapped our fate in that of the most corrupt nation in Europe. Every NATO leader has mouthed the words, “Russia must lose.” That does not bode well for peace, only for more war.

This war has dragged on since 2014. Ukraine has spent 8 years bombing its eastern region to try and destroy the Russian speaking population. They wanted to call them Russian Separatists instead of Ukrainians. The Kiev installed government made the Russian language illegal. Freedom is what they called it. The Kiev government outlawed the Orthodox Church and created its’ own. More freedom. The things one calls freedom others see as more corruption.

Important to know

Who are the terrorists really? Our wonderful State Senator, Chuck Schumer, backs war and will add more debt for war while cutting into the Social Security money to back it all. What a guy.

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