The Democrats Must Be Punished

The Democrats Must Be Punished

The DNC Democrats Must Be Punished

What in the world do the Democrat Party think they are doing? Why in the world are they foisting this barely coherent lifetime political disaster upon us? Making the choice again of the better of two evils is evil and your only choice is clear as mud.

4 Years Working to Overturn An Election

Pelosi Nothing Better to Do
Pelosi Nothing Better to Do

For over four years the Democrats have spent all their time and power trying to overturn the election of 2016. They have spent all their time on the fake Russia-gate garbage, fake impeachments, fake attacks, and even in the last moments more fakery to remove Trump because he is not fit for office. The insanity of the Democrats and their willingness to toss the American public into the abyss to win office has to be punished.

Democrats Stopped Second Fiscal Help

The only reason that there was no second fiscal help from the federal government was not because of Trump, it was because the Democrats think that a starving homeless populace will vote for Democrats because, as Nancy Pelosi said “The Democrats feed the people.” Nothing can be further from the truth.

Biden Family Over US Integrity

Biden Coke over Folks
Biden Coke over Folks

Bringing the aged brain addled corruption of the Biden family into the White House will not heal the wounds or make the USA a better place. It will just fan the flames more.

The Democrats must be punished for their lack of working for the American people. They did nothing in 3 plus years and obstructed any efforts by Trump to actually do many of the things he did want to do. They have offered absolutely no platform except they are not Trump. Vote Democrat if you hate Trump. This is not a vote FOR a president, it is a vote against another president. No one in a normal right mind would vote for Biden. THAT is why the Democrats must be punished. Instead of giving us a great candidate for America they gave us their top corruption from previous times. Someone proven to be a nightmare who worked for other nightmares. Someone who forgot the name of Trump and called him George (probably Biden’s last thoughts were to beat George Bush). Someone who is backed by Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter who spend their times censoring the stories of Biden’s blunders and the way he manipulated the world for the wealth gathering of his family.

Biden History Rife With Lies

Biden has risen from a poor boy and after 47 years calling blacks predators and super predators, he and each and everyone in his family are no longer poor, they are multimillionaires who have traveled with their dad to rape the nations we caused regime change in.

The democrats must be punished. They could have given us a great candidate and instead gave us stale old candy.

I would say lets give Biden the presidential office and give the Republicans the Senate and the House and see if he would really work for all parties and people. Just more hot air and of course doing so would greatly endanger the growth of the nation and fan the flames as the Democrats would just start where they left off creating more wars, spending more on the military and their non-existent attack on a virus will go where it belongs – in the dust bin.

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