Trump’s Error? Listening to Pompeo!

Trump’s Error? Listening to Pompeo!

Trumps Error is Mistaking The Swamp

When you look at any of the errors made by Trump you can look at the advice he is getting from those who rose from the swamp to befriend and get his ear. I don’t think Trump really understood, or even sees what is around him because those around him are telling him garbage are really Big Mac’s. His audience and his feedback is coming from the very people he was to drain from the DC politics.

The Democrat Party Bi-Partisan Bull

For over 3 years, or actually since Trump took office every Democrat from every area has spent every moment of their time on a variety of efforts to keep Trump busy with wild Russian conspiracies and garbage and even an impeachment dragging on for months. Every time Trump tried to work with Russia the Democrat’s would fight, distract, and proceed to block any effort to make ties happen. The same goes for ending the ridiculous wars all over the world that are draining the coffers of the nation while filling the war machine corporate profits.

Biden Promise to work together in a bi-partisan way

Biden’s promise to end fighting every bill, every effort, everything, if he is elected falls short of any kind of promise at all. It is really just an admission that the Democrat’s have blocked all bills, all efforts to bring troops home, and kept Trump busy at bull crap instead of working together on the nations problems. BUT, only if he is elected. If he is not elected he and all the Democrat’s will work to make sure nothing gets done and the people of the USA suffer.

But Trump, in the moments he can come up to breathe a bit and make some policy is only listening to advisers. Advisers who are know, and ADMITTED, liar’s cheats, and scoundrels.

Trump’s Is Now Controlled by The Deep State

What is the deep state?

The deep state are those that are always there. They are not elected, they are not seen, and they control the whole show. They are corporations, they are organizations, they are religious groups, they are race groups, they fund those who “help” them out and destroy those who do not. They are the military. They are those whose livelihoods depend on wars, creating war machines, and methods of destruction. They are the Silicon Valley that share the data with the government in exchange for their ability to shelter against taxes and make more billionaires.

Today’s deep state works together for globalization without any representation. People, like Mike Pompeo, think they are “exceptional” and deserve to rule all without repercussions as they, and they alone, know the truth and can create lies to lead you to their idea of truths.

As long as Trump let’s Pompeo lead him on global relations things will not go well for the world or the people of the United States. It will go well for the rich as they get richer. Pompeo is an admitted trained liar, cheat, and all around scoundrel. Get him OUT of government!

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