Google, Facebook, Apple and More Working For One Voice

Google, Facebook, Apple and More Working For One Voice

It is nothing new to find the likes of these huge corporations working together and in lock step with government. We wrote in 2011 when Obama admitted to massive spying on the world, after his top intelligence officers swore to congress no such spying existed, about this and showed the meeting of the data gathering team.

Now these centers of information and connection are working to make sure only one point of view that is acceptable to government be applied. One of their first big hits on the chopping block was Alex Jones and his InfoWars enterprise. The real problem here is letting these corporations dictate, from their own slogan, what’s on your mind? Worse yet is once you let them know whats on your mind all sorts of garbage will start. In essence, many do not care whats on your mind, they want your mind to be theirs.

Rather than let intelligent Americans make up their own minds about what they want to read, see, hear, feel, there is a push to manipulate all information into a single direction. That direction is to allow subjective people decide what is good and what is not. What information you can have and what you cant. You can rely on Oath, as they say, to make sure only the right message gets to you.

I can’t really swallow that murky goo, it makes me regurgitate.

In fact this site had a Facebook page and it was taken down. We are also on the bad list for predicting (correctly) the Trump victory.

Who is to blame for fanning the flames of hate and promoting the taking of our freedom of speech?

I place it squarely on the mass media owned by major corporations and government propaganda being passed as news. It is no secret that the majority of mass media is owned (and operated by) democrats of one sort or the other. Every headline blares negativity instead of creativity. They pound dead horses in some demented dream that it will allow Hillary her allotted throne. I blame the table of corporate heads who collude with government to take our rights and profit from it.

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