Iran Not Our Nuclear Enemy

While the mass media, owned by the same corporations that manufacture war machines, tries to bring our focus on Iran as an atomic enemy the real information is being withheld. The New York Post and New York Times continue to work for their bosses, Rupert Murdock and General Electric respectively, they are not just hiding the truth, and they are creating myths to drag nations into war.

First Iran has never been found to be creating bomb grade material. After years of exhaustive monitoring there has not been found anything showing they are working to make bombs, just energy and medicinal isotopes.

After spending over $3 Trillion, thousands of US lives, and ten years of invasions of nations our government has surrounded Iran after taking over oil fields from Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. With control of most of the oil fields that were nationalized in the 50’s by these same nations the US has expanded it’s empire.

The cost of the expansion in US military deaths has been kept down by the use of anonymous death from the sky in the form of drones. In fact we keep sending drones into nations we are not at war with to kill specific individuals who try to keep their nations free of outside invasions from our armed forces.

But a nation such as ours, where the same people whose riches are garnered through war funnel our political choices, has its own illegal bomb programs. The USA is violating the NPT agreement more than any other nation. In fact the Guardian has exposed the fact that the USA has now started to upgrade its atomic bombs for remote control. We have over 200 nuclear warheads like this already spread around Europe and like any empire before in history we are ready to use them to stop anyone who has ideas different from our governments.

The fact is families who have passed the power down through generations rule us. As a nation without royalty we have created royalty. Sons, daughters, cousins, each gain power in political offices by their parents and grandparents. The masses fed lies in the mass media fall in line ready to vote in these familiar names. Somehow the idea of a statesman, someone who takes off from his work and gives 4 to 8 years of his time to help govern the nation and drop back to his civilian work has died. This all replaced with those who spend their lives living and learning how to deceive and “compromise” the truth to pass laws nobody really wants anyway.

Look at our mayor Bloomberg; He spends his time passing laws banning large soft drinks while letting the frauds, admitted criminal acts, and theft of Wall Street and Bankers go with minimal fines, no trials and no jail. We live in a city and nation where the theft of trillions goes unpunished while the poor get shot for stealing a bottle of water. What a topsey turvey world we live in.