NYCTV Congratulates Bloomberg on Throne Ascension

Bloomberg Wins Third Term! would like to be the first to congratulate lord Bloomberg for his purchase of the throne of NYC for another 4, or even more, years. Lord of the media, Bloomberg has been the bandleader for the rape of the economy though his clients on Wall Street. Eight long years of the incredibly intelligent mogul of finance has brought the city and nation a financial crisis and all from the markets under the nose of this mental giant. Who else could find the way out of the mess but the man who was mayor of the city and financial master of all information? Let us not ask why we were led down the road or by whom, pointing fingers will only embarrass.

Some may wonder how NYCTV knows, at 9am EST on November 2, 2009 that Bloomberg will enter a third term. They do not understand “democracy” as perceived by those like our fabulous Mayor Bloomberg. A place where majority rules, like a mob – except when inconvenient to the rulers, and they are led by the news they read. Never let it be said that Bloomberg brings you the news, others bring Bloomberg’s news to you. It is democracy. When the mob moves, the majority wins. Mayor Bloomberg knows that the majority is also counted in dollars. His dollars are the majority. Bloomberg wins the third term as lord of the manor and will dole out the billions of pork-belly contracts to his friends and make school tests even easier so that reading is no longer a skill. That will make the majority rule that much easier for the fourth term. Hell, Bloomberg is young and nothing better to do. Long live the king!

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