NYC-TV Government Conspiracy Conviction Taints Bloombergs Jewels

NYC-TV, the Bloomberg flagship government television network has been heavily involved in looting the earnings from advertisers. Advertising on government TV? Yep! All part of the Bloomberg dog and pony show! Now, Chief Operating Officer Trevor Scotland has avoided the spotlight by entering a quiet guilty plea to avoid opening the door to the ever-deepening scandals surrounding Bloomberg’s pet NYC-TV.

Bloomberg election aides Arick Wierson and Seth Unger founded NYC-TV. Along with friend Trevor they changed a government open network into a commercially competitive market force, bringing their huge publicly funded budgets to bear on the advertising dependent NY commercial television networks.

While Mr. Scotland pleads guilty to a lesser charge the corruption goes much deeper. Arick Wierson used the resources and employees of NYC-TV to create a private outside movie project that, since resigning, he flogging at various movie festivals in Europe. It seems that Wierson left Scotland to play with the TV network while he used the connections and office of the government to further his future private career. Funny enough Wierson was being bred for the political and financial arena but is now fleeing to the film industry. Flash over power?

On June 7 Wierson and his co-conspirator/creators launched the film Back Door Channels: The Price of Piece at the 49th Monte Carlo Television Festival. Bragging that it took 18 months to make, which was more than half the years NYC-TV paid Wierson to run it full time. No one picked up the film there and Wierson is continuing his search for someone to distribute the work.

Arick Wierson claims he did this in his spare time. The search for truth goes on but the Bloomberg media team is closing all stories of this ilk. A NYTimes blog was censored for this story about the CEO who pleads guilty to conspiracy and committed wire fraud.

More to come!

Inside the Mayor’s Studio

Former NYC-TV Official Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

Note: NYC-TV, the government owned television network was created in 2002 and has nothing to do with the OnlineTV networks and was born in 1999 and predates the government efforts. is a free and independent journalistic outlet for news, events and video from and for New Yorkers or people who want to know what is going on in NYC.

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