NY Times Election Sets Blame on Russia Portland Bible Burn

NY Times Election Sets Blame on Russia Portland Bible Burn

Bible Burning In Portland Blamed On Russia

True to form the NY Times is set to continue blaming Russia for the eventual loss coming this November. After last years debacle of fake journalism the NY Times has decided to continue to bring fake news to its’ readers. This is after having the NY Times Editor apologize to all its’ readers for its horrid reporting in the last presidential election of 2016.

Not learning from past mistakes, or purposely continuing its’ war against Trump and Russia (I am sure China is not far behind in gaining entry to this elite club fest) it is starting the fakery again.

Their latest article about the riots in Portland, Oregon have been laced with sickening antidotes about the peaceful protests being attacked by police. Adding to the fakery, and in line with mass medias attempt to push Trump into a position where they can call him a fascist dictator, they try to hide facts, and to make the fact seem irrelevant and the only relevancy is that a news agency with ties to Russia is the only news outlet that seems to broadcast something that is actually happening, without commentary.

Portland Rioters Did Start Fire With Bible

These articles are about Portland rioters (or protesters as you may call them) starting a fire using bibles. The truth is yes, they did burn at least one, and probably more, bibles. The Portland News, Oregon News, verifies this in their article  where, right in the middle of it there is a single sentence “That doesn’t mean the book in the video wasn’t a Bible.” This was right after they informed readers where their information came from: “The video came from Ruptly, a Russian government outfit. “[T]he Portland Bible burnings  (sp) appear to be one of the first viral Russian disinformation hits of the 2020 presidential campaign,” The New York Times reported Tuesday. “ So really their information was not from Ruptly, it was from NY Times.

NY Times continues to lead the disinformation for 2020 elections

They quote, not any Russian outlet, they quote NY Times declaration that this “appears” to be one of the first “Russian disinformation hits.”

What it really is? It is showing that Russian media will lay bare facts that US mass media will hide in all cases where the president Trump may gain strength.

This writer can see many weaknesses in Donald Trump, but to anyone who might read the NY Times and think it is not a corporate misfit leading its’ readers to a special place reserved for those who need someone to think and act for them in a way that is not real just should fold or change, as their apology once promised.

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