Elliot Abrams Envoy to Destroy Venezuela Now Off To Iran

Elliot Abrams Envoy to Destroy Venezuela Now Off To Iran

Convicted Liar Abrams To Lead Diplomacy on Iran

Elliot Abrams, the convicted liar, perjurer and procurer of illegal arms and drugs, has been appointed to be the envoy to Iran after failing miserably in his attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Abrams has a long history of war mongering and hate for Iran and Venezuela. In this light he makes the perfect foil from the swamp to set, like a dog, against world leaders to continue embargoes against Iran.

Pompeo Drowning Trump in Swamp

Trump has had too many yanks on his cranks as he allows war mongers from the swamp to move in and dominate his ears. When you see the likes of Mike Pompeo, who brags about his ability to lie and even gone through CIA programs to do so, one must be reminded he is a trained liar and pompous war monger. As a head of our State, acting as the main actor on the International stage he has garnered no respect and little cooperation. Not in his failed workings to destroy Venezuela nor his “maximum sanctions” on Iran, nor on his blatant attacks on China. One always has to be reminded of just who Pompeo is and the lies he swears by.

Are Sanctions Working for, or against USA

Let’s review some of the Pompeo/Abrams policies results. Is Iran broke and begging for US help? Well, no, it has turned to other nations and worked deals out with them. How have the “maximum sanctions” worked then? They have turned the hearts and minds of millions of people against the USA. How are the sanctions, blockades and confiscation of funds worked to destroy Venezuela and get their Washington University puppet as president? Well, not so good. While handing Guiado over $40 million and having the UK block the repatriation of Venezuela gold to Venezuela (to help pay for the equipment needed to care for the virus outbreak) Maduro is stronger than ever as the people voted and want him as president no matter the US attacks.

How are those sanctions working with China and Russia? Well, not well. They are all now working together to build out a financial system that is outside the US financial system. They are going to make the dollar fail as an international trade default. If that happens the US will finally find the world around them crashing as the over printed dollar debt can never be paid back.

Trump Forgot To Drain The Swamp

So, Mr. Trump, please listen. You have allowed the swamp to take over international affairs as well as national affairs. You forgot to drain that swamp. You must get rid of Pompeo and you must get rid of Mr. Abrams. Find someone who understands diplomacy and working to strengthen the US and its currency without the knee on the neck of everyone. They can’t breathe and you will face consequences.

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