NYCTV Video Sharing Launches Call For New Shows

NYCTV Video Sharing launches and wants you to be the next big TV show producer.

Produce your own show at NYCTV! The new NYCTV video share site allows users to upload video to the NYCTV servers or to easily embed video from their YouTube or other hosting accounts to create their own shows for NYCTV. Upload your videos, create your group and host your show at NYCTV today!

After launching it’s NYCTV Video on demand channel on Valentines day we thought it would be a long time to beat that kind of comprehensive new technology. Now with the launching of the new NYCTV video share site we can let everyone have a chance to be a NYCTV show producer! Make the latest news breaks! Get your band onto the front page! It’s like Central Park on Sunday!

You can create your groups and put all the videos into your own category to get rated and on play lists. Email your friends and embed the code to bring more people to your show. Comment and rate other videos from others producers just like you. Make co-operative videos with other great artists! Its an open house for video production promotion at NYCTV.

Registering is free, painless and easy. Fill out your profile and start getting famous today!

NYCTV video share

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