Mike Pompeo Creates Story For Saudi Prince Salman

Mike Pompeo Creates Story For Saudi Prince Salman

Mike Pompeo Helps Saudis Create Storyline

Mike Pompeo rushed to Saudia Arabia overnight to meet with king Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and create a palatable story to cover up their murder. Remember this is a family owned despotic kingdom not anything to do with democratic values and understanding how this story must be fabricated, or shaped, is important. This is blatant collusion by Trump with the house of Saud.

What Will Probably Be Admitted

While they will admit to murdering Khashoggi they will claim it was rogue officials or an accident. They might even admit that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the capture and torture of Khashoggi. What they wont admit is giving the orders to murder.

What Will be Told To Trump

On that note Pompeo will return to the USA and tell Trump, and the media, it was all an accident and regrets have been expressed. He might even have another contract to supply another 300 billion in military arms, that part of the process has not been told to us yet. There must be something more added. Perhaps Turkey will get a large payday if it destroys the tapes? But our sources tell us Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is adamant that selling the accident story will clear him of everything.

Despotic Kingdoms are Not Democratic

So now you have to understand just what power this family holds over Saudi Arabia. If it were not for this family (the Sauds) there would only be Arabia. The family owns everything, man, woman, child, oil, sand, cars, everything is owned by the family. Khashoggi, as a Saudi national is just one of the millions of “subjects” or slaves of the king and his extended family. They can do what they want. Which is what they told the Donald. He now understands just what this all means, and you should too. There is nothing anyone can do since they merely fed they justice to one of their “subjects” and whatever happened just happened. No one must make a single excuse. The excuses are made merely for the West so they can feed their own citizens whatever tripe they need to continue doing business.


Yes, it is sad but true. NYCTV was the first to break the news of the murder, laying out the whole story. We laid it out before the other news because our contacts and news is real, not fake. As the fake news unreels its take on this watch for how they spin it for public consumption. Just remember the royals there need explain nothing. They did nothing wrong in their world. Trump sent Pompeo to work out a palatable story and we are all waiting for this amazing fiction to come to us.

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