McCain Claims All Presidents Poorly Informed Except McCain

McCain Claims All Presidents Poorly Informed Except McCain

McCain Urges Trump To Meet With Islamic State

McCain has made the claim that Trump is often poorly informed. The 80 plus year old McCain, after returning from intensive brain surgery, wants Congress to believe that Trump has no grip on reality since he has not met with all the terrorists. John McCain understands everything the terrorists stand for and is willing to fund them and back them in the efforts to topple all standing regimes.

Senator McCain stands in front of Nour, center, during his recent visit to Syria.

John McCain is famous for his Hanoi radio broadcasts after becoming a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Now in charge of who gets what military contracts from Congress he is in no mood for peace. His charges want more arms sales and the only way is the Islamic way. Since 2008 he has been documented as meeting with terrorists groups in the Middle East. Not here in DC but in Syria and Libya as well. Bringing them funds, arms and instructions from the industrial military complex.

This is not the first time McCain has called a president poorly informed. In fact he put that on Obama too! “The naiveté of Barack Obama and [Secretary of State] John Kerry is stunning,” McCain said

So not only did McCain meet with terrorists to arrange funding, arms and support he did the same in the Ukraine supporting the coup that overturned the last government in that nation and starting a war that still goes on there today.

Yes, John McCain is a prime example of why term limits should be in place for ALL government officials. Once they are ensconced they are no longer working for the people but working for the money.

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