Bloodbath In Tripoli Paves Way For NATO Ground Forces

British SAS, French Special Forces and insurgents from Arab lands have taken most of Tripoli, Libya and are now laying the ground clear for NATO troops to enter the nation and insure the western powers their choice of government is put in place.

Rebel insurgents, who invaded the Libyan capital with fresh arms from NATO nations and billions of dollars from the USA, UK, France and Italy, are killing anything that moves in the capital. Anyone with a means has left the city and only the poor are left behind with little protection from the bands of insurgents on a murder spree. While NATO took up the banner of protecting civilians no one cares about that anymore and the name of the game is oil for the west.

NATO is getting troops ready to hit the ground to make sure that the nation it took from Ghadaffi and the Libyans is put into hands easily manipulated for the benefit of those who participated in taking the government out. Using some kind of Kafkaesque form of logic NATO will make the claim that WMD might be there and they do not want that to fall into hands of someone that will use it against them.

Funding for the next invasion and installation of a friendly government will be mostly born by US taxpayers, already used to conforming to the wishes of the new world empire being created by NATO. Sarkozy has already said his nation is broke and he will just take oil from Libya at the same time Italy has given some of Ghadaffis bank accounts to the insurgents to insure favorable oil pricing from them. The USA still has almost $100 billion of Ghadaffi assets in its interest bearing accounts and might use some of it to fund the USA trained agents that it hopes take control. These include Mohamoud Jibril and Khalifa Haftar who were both living and trained in the US for 20 years waiting this moment.

The problem is the Arabs may figure out what has been done, reject the western proposed leaders and go their own way. To face the problem the ruling troika (US,UK and France) will pour dollars on their choices so that competition cannot rise. The rest will be cared for by the rebel insurgents.

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