Google Follows Twitter and Facebook Censor NYCTV Results

Google Follows Twitter and Facebook Censor NYCTV Results

Google Censor NYCTV

Google has hidden all pages of our site and a recent article on TekTalk website lays out the realities.

It was a long time ago Twitter took our NYCTV identity and “reassigned” it. So we did a But they banned that too. Facebook took our login long ago claiming only human beings can have accounts. Now we see Google has put search results for NYCTV and totally omitted them from any search results. You cannot find our articles through search, you cannot find the NYCTV site at all, in fact they put 4 to 8 year old garbage high on those results instead of NYCTV. is decades old and preceded all the other sites doing video or reporting for NYC. But there is an issue, we are independent and report things that other news outlets do not report. What is worse is we supported Trump in the last election and our polls were actually accurate. We actually prepared people for the actual results of the election.

We reported the truth that is happening in Venezuela, we give a real viewpoint that other mass media refuses to allow. We do allow it.

We never reported the CIA owning Google stock in exchange for the maps technology and access, never reported them selling parts of it for billions never accounted for, never reported Google for the many evils it pulls off. This differs from the TekTalk site that does expose the search engine for the advertising web farm it really is.

But people actually think and use Google to find things and if they want to find NYCTV, the real deal, the TOP LEVEL DOMAIN, then what they will find is that Google is censoring so that you only find what their elite owners want you to find. It is certainly time for them to actually become a search engine or stop pretending to be one.

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