Israel Attacks Oil Shipments in Gulf

Israel Attacks Oil Shipments in Gulf

Israel Attacks Oil Shipping

US Intelligence sources exposed the recent attacks on oil shipments due to Israeli strikes in the Arabian Gulf as the fault of Iran. Mike Pompeo issued a statement that only one nation has the sophistication and ability to covertly make these attacks, and that would fall on the shoulders of the Mosad, secret military service, of Israel.

Hiding the satellite evidence against Israel

As is their Modus operandi the US intelligence community will obscure these facts to justify more misery on Iran as they cover-up the evidence they have from their satellite telemetry, photos and video to present to the world that it was Iran, not Israel who did the bombings. Falling back on using just their word without using any proof Pompeo and the US administration will continue to block access to the real data in favor of creating a false flag senario to make further sanctions on the Iranian people. Blockades of food, medicine, and essentials have already taken a toll.

Using Saudi and Israeli Proxies

The US is intent on creating an atmosphere for overthrow as they fear a war would be costly in both munitions and body bags reminiscent of Viet Nam. Better to work hand in hand with the wonderful humane Saudi Arabia and the corrupt Israel than to directly enter a conflict. A “release the hounds” approach using false flag episodes and then releasing lies it better than costing the US lives.

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