Democracy Died In The UK Brexit Made Easy

Democracy Died In The UK Brexit Made Easy

Brexit Made Easy

There was a vote in the United Kingdom more than 1000 days ago. There were only two questions on the ballot; leave or remain. The leaves had it and the referendum was binding. To be sure there was never the mention of a deal, a treaty, anything. It was to leave.

This would have meant the government should immediately filed for the Article 50 and start leaving.

The problem is making it about a deal

The problem is the government is a super majority of those who wanted and voted to remain. For over two years they made a mockery of the whole process by obscuring the simplicity with a myriad of hyperbole designed to confuse the subjects of the queen as well as the world. No longer a leave or remain these remainers decided to focus on minutia, those myriad issues should come well after the exit.

The UK should have, and still can, just leave. Once you are out, then various agreements can be made on how to deal with each issue. The massive problem created by these creatures was to make 1000’s of agreements into one. It cannot be done. It could never be done. It will never get done, at least not for many years. What these government remainers have done is make the exit all about getting too many issues tied into one agreement. Assuring its rejection.

It is simple, just leave

The simplicity of making the exit, and working the deals as they come is the only way to leave.

Do you understand the idiotic “Backstop?” It is a legally horrifying article. But you do not have to read it or understand it. Think about it.

Who will put a hard border on Ireland. Well, the UK certainly would not because they have a treaty with Dublin. Would Ireland put a hard border up. Well certainly not. How could any of them face their own people if either of them did that? They have a treaty for that. It was between the two Irelands and they will not be putting a hard border up. What will Brussels do? Will they force Ireland to inflict a hard border? What will the monkeys inhabiting the Parliament do? Will they break the treaty? I don’t think so. So then they will sit down and work out a plan. It should not hold up the exit. Just leave. Deal with this after.

What about Mercedes Benz and even British cars made in Germany? Well, they have to work that out dont they? What about those medicine shipments? Which nation or company does not want to see that continue? So that will be worked out.

The whole “deal” thing is a red herring. Making it about a deal is presented to confuse and make it impossible to agree on an exit – because it is now dependent on a deal that is impossible to agree on.

But the exit is easy, just leave. THEN START TO NEGOTIATE.

And when the government finally calls for elections? Do something to them for this travesty!

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