POC Spokeswoman-Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal Condones Assassination and Racism

POC Spokeswoman-Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal Condones Assassination and Racism

With all the latest growth of racism and hate happening everywhere in our country we would have hoped not to see this coming out of government officials. But in Missouri you have Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal the democrat state Senator calling for the assassination of the president of the united states.

This senator from Missouri put this on her personal facebook page, “I hope trump is assassinated.” Later she tried to cover it up by deleting it but you know, once you put it up on facebook it’s there forever. Of course everyone started calling for her resignation and she doesn’t understand why. How stupid is that? She thinks she’s not a racist, so deluded. How can she be as she is a woman of color, people if color cant be racists. She is quoted as saying”When POC (people of color) are respected” she might be ready to work with them. She’s discriminating against everyone and against all people who are NOT POC. She’s decided she is somebody different and she’s the spokesperson for all people of color and they gotta be respected by the White House. She’s gonna be the judge of if and when that happens. So she is not only not resigning she’s gotta go out because “people are traumatized” so she has to stand up and ask for Trump to be assassinated.

This is some kind of weird logic from lord knows where. Where did these people get these ideas? They are racist and are coming from people of color people! What’s with these people of color?

So, money has it she will get away with this because she is POC and in government. But you have to ask what kind of government allows this kind of rampant racism. What kind of government allows more threats of assassination? It is not POC it is government. Trump has to drain the swamp. He is up to his neck in swamp dung and if he does not drain it these idiots and POC’s will do what they are asked by their leaders.

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