Covid-19 Back To Work App From Google and Apple

Covid-19 Back To Work App From Google and Apple

Google and Apple Work To Create Back To Work Tracking App

Creating an app to track you, where you go, who you are with, and you WILL give permission for it.

It is not that Google, with its’ Android tracking, nor Apple are not tracking where every single phone they sell or operating system is installed, they do that already. In fact the Florida government has shown us how it works as they show all the mobile phones that were there for Spring break and how they spread across the nation after it ended. The tracking clearly shows that the spread of the virus followed the phones from Florida, it was not the phones with the virus it was the party people.

With that demonstration you can understand it is it is already in their database. Every place your phone has been, who you called, where you have been and who you have been in contact with. What has not been done is opening this Pandora’s box of information openly to the government. That is about to change.

Your App data is open, for sale, and for governments use

Many companies in the industry point to the fact their data is anonymized, researchers have found that such data can easily be linked to its owner’s identity. Researchers from two universities in Europe said in 2019 they were able to re-identify 99.98% of individuals in anonymized data sets based only on 15 demographic attributes.

You will beg them to be tracked by app

Google, and Apple have agreed to an app that gathers all information for the government to allow people using the app to go out and possibly back to work.  It is not a new, special app or anything like that. It is an app that gathers all the data they collect anyway and feed it to government with your consent. That is a big issue – WITH YOUR CONSENT. It will be done in a way to make you think it is a service so the government will allow you (not that you choose that) to go to work. If you do not consent, you stay locked up. The TOS (Terms of Service) are what will be new and that will include your willing to let every feature of your phone to be controlled by Google, Apple, and the Government. All the data will be owned by those companies as you agree to the TOS. A veritable gold mine that almost every company in the world would pay a fortune for.

Now, step back and see freedom burn.

So your very freedom will become nothing more than big brother watching your every move and anyone you associate with. Somehow the word freedom does not seem to fit here but you will be free not to install or use the app and stay locked up until you do. No green light for you.

In one way you can look at this and think it might help stop the spread of a deadly disease but the reality is all that data will feed a frenzy of corporate and government intrusions. Your movements, who you associate with and what you are doing will be fed to 1000’s of companies lining up to pay for this information. Google and Apple will get richer (is that possible?), the government will take over more of your life, and you will have to get used to the idea that you have no more freedom of movement or thought.

Watch this spot for information on the covid-19 app soon to be released.

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