FringeNYC 2008 Schedule and Guide T to Z

That Dorothy Parker;  Artistic New Directions; Writer: Carol Lempert; Director: Janice Goldberg; A one woman show that weaves together hilarious anecdotes of the ten years Mrs. Parker spent lunching at New York’s famed Algonquin Round Table, her involvement in the Spanish Civil war and selections of her writing. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Drama
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Sun 10 @ 9; Mon 11 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 3:15; Wed 20 @ 3; Sun 24 @ NOON

There Will Come Soft Rains;  Sinking Ship Productions; Writer: Based on stories by Ray Bradbury, Stanislaw Lem, Bill Pronzini and Barry Malzberg, Adapted by Jon Levin; Director: Jon Levin; “One day Trurl the Constructor put together a machine that could create anything starting with ‘N’…” But can it create Nothing? Stories by Ray Bradbury and others are told with actors, puppets, lightbulbs, bedsheets, live video and an upright bass. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, Puppetry
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Fri 8 @ 10; Wed 13 @ 7:30; Sun 17 @ 4:15; Thu 21 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 7:30

They Call Me Mister Fry;  Sew & Sew Productions; Writer: Jack Freiberger; Director: Jeff Michalski; What happens when a white-boy from Indiana, Mr. Freiberger, starts teaching at California’s most elite school, and ends up teaching 5th grade in South Central Los Angeles? Anthony and Jasmine give him a crash course in the “unexpected.” A true story. 1h 30m, Los Angeles, California  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 3; Mon 18 @ 3; Wed 20 @ 9:15; Fri 22 @ 9:45

THE THIRD FROM THE LEFT;  The Present Company in Association with Playwrights’ Arena; Writer: Jean Colonomos; Director: Jon Lawrence Rivera; Former Martha Graham dancer, Jean Colonomos, recounts the story of the 1964 revival of Martha Graham’s masterpiece, PRIMITIVE MYSTERIES. Five women struggle to master this back-breaking choreography. The play is about dancers, friendships and the genius, Martha Graham. 1h 15m, Los Angeles, California  Drama, Dance
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sat 9 @ 7:45; Mon 11 @ 5:45; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Fri 15 @ 3; Sat 16 @ 4:45

Thoroughly Stupid Things (or the Continuous Importance of Being Earnest);  Whirled Peas Productions; Writer: Montserrat Mendez; Director: Megan Demarest; Choreographer: Jessica Linquata; Marriage is a “DRAG!” When Gwendolen and Cecily suspect Jack and Algernon of “copulating” with Bibi LaFlam they “man up” to spy on them. An Inspector’s search for a kidnapper threatens exposure. Mistaken Identities! Sexual Confusion! Everyone’s Cup of Tea! 2h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sun 10 @ NOON; Thu 14 @ 9:30; Tue 19 @ 9:45; Fri 22 @ 4:15; Sat 23 @ 7

Thumbelina: The Story of a Brave Little Girl;  Elephant Ensemble Theater; Writer: Liza Lentini; A re-invention of the beloved classic, Elephant Ensemble Theater’s Thumbelina portrays a smart and feisty little girl who remains brave through a tumultuous adventure that separates her from her mother. 0h 35m, Queens, NYC  FringeJR,
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Tue 12 @ 4:45; Sun 17 @ 8:30; Tue 19 @ 5:45; Thu 21 @ 8:15; Sat 23 @ 5:15

Tim Gunn’s Podcast (a reality chamber opera);  Make It Work Productions; Writer: Music and Libretto by Jeffrey Lependorf, based on Tim Gunn’s actual podcast; Director: Linda Lehr; Reality television meets chamber opera: A singing “Tim Gunn” reveals the behind-the-scenes, nail-biting story of how Kayne, Jeffrey, Vincent and Angela battle it out designing a gown for Miss USA–with piano accompaniment… It’s dressmaking, but not NICE dressmaking! 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Wed 13 @ 8:15; Thu 14 @ 6; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Fri 22 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 10

time, et. al.: a cautionary tale about love and time travel;  Oberon Inc.; Writer: Gil Varod and Jennifer Lynn Jordan; Director: Shannon Fillion; When William starts receiving letters from 1921, it’s certain he’s found his soulmate. But can two slightly unstable lovers find a rupture in the space-time continuum and their happily ever after? The paleo-futuristic dark comedy of the year! 2h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sun 10 @ 6:45; Thu 14 @ 4:15; Sat 16 @ NOON; Tue 19 @ 9:45; Sat 23 @ 9:45

TINY FEATS OF COWARDICE;  Precipice Partners; Writer: Susan Bernfield, music by Rachel Peters; Director: Daniella Topol; Susan is fretful, hesitant, apprehensive, shy… She’s scared, okay, she’s chicken! Aren’t you? From the writer and composer of New Georges’ downtown hit STRETCH (a fantasia) comes a one-woman musical about one woman’s lifelong love affair… with worry. 1h 35m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Solo Show
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Fri 8 @ 5; Mon 11 @ 9:30; Thu 14 @ 2:45; Sat 16 @ 3:30; Fri 22 @ 7:15

TOO MUCH MEMORY;  Rising Phoenix Repertory; Writer: Keith Reddin and Meg Gibson; Director: Meg Gibson; A political thriller slammed against a tightly wound family conflict. Loosely based on Antigone, it’s a contemporary collage of myth and rock and roll from 1968 to Now. Timely and provocative. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Sat 9 @ 2:45; Mon 11 @ 7; Thu 14 @ 3:30; Sun 17 @ 10; Fri 22 @ 7:30

Tough Guys Don’t Shoot Blanks;  Grayce Productions; Writer: Todd Michael; Director: Noel Neeb; Join Skip and Dottie, hosts of ’50s TV show “Cinema Cavalcade,” as they unearth another gangster flick. Can fist-swingin’ copper Chick Donahue squash Manhattan’s crime and corruption? Will on-the-lam Lefty find his sis before mobster Rocco rubs him out? 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Mon 11 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 6; Sat 16 @ 1:45; Sun 17 @ 7:30; Thu 21 @ 8:15

Traffic Jam;  Sumo Productions; Writer: Jennifer Bogush; Director: Jennifer Sherron Stock; Cassie, an absolute train wreck, shows her vulnerability to a handsome stranger, Gary, in a hospital waiting room, where she eagerly waits for Death to arrive. But Gary, like everyone else in her life, betrays her. 0h 40m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Sat 9 @ 6:30; Thu 14 @ 10; Mon 18 @ 3:30; Thu 21 @ 6:30; Fri 22 @ 10

Trees Like Nails;  Maggie’s Farm Theater Company; Writer: Will Snider; Director: Deanna Weiner; Sex. Drugs. Death. Slurpees. Trees Like Nails follows two brothers who find the body of a mutilated girl in the woods. A dark coming-of-age tale about drinking and dealing in the suburbs. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Fri 8 @ 7:15; Wed 13 @ 3:15; Sat 16 @ NOON; Tue 19 @ 9:15; Wed 20 @ 5:45

Triumph of the Underdog;  Triumph Team; Writer: Mitch Montgomery and Morgan Allen; Director: Barbara Williams; Geeks! Dorks! Fanboys! Lend your pointed ears! Peter Howell’s mind-bending lecture on the history of Science Fiction might save your life…literally. Can the washed-up author really prevent an astronomical catastrophe threatening to annihilate the entire solar system? 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Fri 8 @ 5; Sat 9 @ 4:30; Sat 9 @ 9:45; Sun 10 @ NOON; Tue 12 @ 7:15

Tune Up, Faulty Piston!;  The Centrifuge; Director: Andrew Scoville; “Tune Up, Faulty Piston!” breaks through the rigid confines of a society obsessed with efficiency, into one man’s imagination. In here noise becomes music, grey becomes color, and a seemingly faulty guy can become a hero.
0h 55m, Brooklyn, NYC  ,
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sat 9 @ 9:45; Mon 11 @ 4; Sun 17 @ 7:30; Wed 20 @ 5; Sun 24 @ 1:45

The Umbrella Plays;  the teacup company; Writer: Stephanie Janssen; Director: Daniel Talbott; Seven snapshot-sized plays of interlacing urban lives and the shared longing to keep out of the proverbial rain. In the search for sunny skies and shelter, sometimes an umbrella is not just an umbrella. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Fri 8 @ 5; Sat 9 @ NOON; Fri 15 @ 7:30; Sat 16 @ 4:45; Mon 18 @ 9:30

Underwear: A Space Musical;  Erectric 3000 Productions; Writer: Book by Heidi Ervin & Brandon Gwinn, Music by Brandon Gwinn, Lyrics by Heidi Ervin; Director: Joe Barros; In the not-so-distant but inconceivable future, Dottie Smallton leaves her poodle-skirted planet and joins the fabulous fashion industry only to discover that her boss, Patricia Pezon, plans to brainwash the world with her mind-controlling underwear… the Erectric 3000! 2h 0m, Nashville, Tennessee  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sat 9 @ 12:15; Tue 12 @ 9:30; Sat 16 @ 9:45; Wed 20 @ 9:45; Fri 22 @ 2:15

UNEKA – ARNASA;  GAITZERDI TEATRO COMPANY; Writer: Created by the Ensemble; Director: Kepa Ibarra; Uneka / Arnasa arises within a new project line which we have named: Dramatic cells. These are works without frontiers, without physical or temporal limits, both in their building phase and at exhibition time or public staging. 1h 25m, Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain)  Dance, Performance Art
VENUE #3: The Courtyard; Tue 12 @ 6:30; Wed 13 @ 9; Thu 14 @ 9:15; Fri 15 @ 9; Sat 16 @ 9; Sun 17 @ 8:15

Untitled Masterpiece;  Unknown Penguin; Writer: Patrick Flynn; Director: Patrick Flynn; Untitled Masterpiece is a fresh take on life after college graduation. Everyman Joe Meursault struggles to find himself through a barrage of changing scenes and rotating characters that try to reduce his life to a series of TV shows. 1h 0m, Wilmington, Delaware  Comedy, Performance Art
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Sun 10 @ 9:45; Tue 12 @ 3:45; Sat 16 @ NOON; Wed 20 @ 5:15; Fri 22 @ 8:15

Usher;  Writer: Molly Fox, Music by Sarah Hirsch; Director: Becca Wolff, Music Director: Brian Valencia; A musical by Yale students based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” A mysterious affliction torments the Usher clan. A visitor discovers a dark secret that rocks the house to its foundation, triggering a spectacular fall. 2h 0m, New Haven, Connecticut  Musical, Drama
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Thu 14 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 4:15; Tue 19 @ 4:30; Wed 20 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 10

The Vajayjay Monologues;  Pot of Jam Productions; Writer: Lindsay Burns; Director: Vicki Stroich; Ten years after Eve Ensler created The Vagina Monologues Oprah began calling her vagina a vajayjay and Britney Spears began showing hers in public. What went wrong? An 80-minute one-woman tour-de-force, The Vajayjay Monologues invites laughter and inspires debate. 1h 20m, Calgary, Canada  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Sat 9 @ 2; Wed 13 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 11:45; Sat 16 @ 10; Mon 18 @ 5

Velvet Scratch – Voyage of No Return;  Theatre Lab Company; Writer: Anastasia Revi; Director: Anastasia Revi; Unwanted souls and their dark stories…A vibrant underworld comes to life with macabre humour, powerful images, live music, songs and theatrical animation. “Edgar Allan Poe and Tim Burton seem to have paid a brief visit to Theatre Lab Company in London…” 1h 0m, London, United Kingdom  Musical, Performance Art
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 5:15; Sat 9 @ 9:15; Sun 10 @ NOON; Tue 12 @ 2; Wed 13 @ 7:45

waiting: a play in phases;  219 Dwight; Writer: Gia Marotta; Director: Chloë Bass; Is there a guide to grieving in the digital age? Do the rituals we have allow us to form a meaningful relationship to loss? waiting takes a probing look at the absurd crisis of mourning in the modern world. 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Sat 9 @ NOON; Wed 13 @ 5:15; Fri 15 @ 9:30; Wed 20 @ 7:45; Fri 22 @ 3:15

WALLS;  New York Rep; Writer: Aaron Ezra; Director: Markus Potter; A couple wakes up and finds a WALL has split their house in half. The furniture, the bed, even the fish are severed in two. On the night of their anniversary, the confrontation begins and the secrets come out… 1h 20m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Tue 12 @ 6:15; Thu 14 @ 9:15; Fri 15 @ 3; Sat 16 @ NOON; Sun 17 @ 2:15

The Warrior;  Theater of the First Amendment; Writer: Jack Gilhooley; Director: Kevin Murray; Tammy is back from two tours of duty in Iraq. All she has to show for it are PTSD and a broken marriage. Her filmmaker friend thinks she deserves more. “Roll camera!” 1h 20m, Fairfax, Virginia  Drama, Solo Show
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Sat 9 @ 9:30; Sun 10 @ NOON; Thu 14 @ 7:45; Sun 17 @ 4; Thu 21 @ 5:15

WE ARE THE LAWMAKERS;  DARK; Writer: Marc Andreottola; Director: Marc Andreottola; Friends and family in a comfortable middle class home are held hostage by three dinner guests. They are forced to enact a cruel political play called We Are the Lawmakers. 1h 15m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sun 10 @ 9:45; Thu 14 @ 5:45; Fri 15 @ 3:30; Tue 19 @ 7:15; Sat 23 @ 7:30

We Three;  No. 11; Writer: Will Goldberg; Director: Erin Daley; Amory loses his grip on reality, as his loved ones lose their grip on Amory. A struggle for understanding and dignity in a changing world. What do we do with forgotten ones… or those we wish we could forget? 1h 10m, Saratoga Springs, New York  Drama,
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Mon 11 @ 9:15; Thu 14 @ 3:15; Fri 15 @ 4; Mon 18 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 10

Wildboy ’74;  Calamity; Writer: Eva Anderson; Director: Adrian A. Cruz; Ethan Strong is a self-help guru who spent his childhood locked in a cage. Over a four-day conference in Delaware, Ethan and his assistant Elliott find themselves tied up in the lives of a missing girl and her vengeful sister. 2h 0m, Los Angeles, California  Drama,
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Wed 20 @ 4; Thu 21 @ 9:15; Fri 22 @ 4:45; Sat 23 @ 7; Sun 24 @ 2:15

Wish We Were Here;  Bowdashoot Productions; Writer: Michael Phillis; When a beautiful genie pops out of a hapless stoner’s hookah, he thinks he’s got it made… but soon, she has stripped him of his dignity — along with his clothes — in this hilarious tale of master versus servant. 0h 50m, San Francisco, California  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sun 10 @ 7:45; Thu 14 @ 3:30; Fri 15 @ 7:30; Sun 17 @ 2; Sat 23 @ 5:30

Woodhull: A Play About the Woman Who Ran for President;  Elephant Ensemble Theater; Writer: Liza Lentini; Director: Mary Geerlof; Woodhull tells the story of Victoria Woodhull, an outrageous and revolutionary former prostitute who–with a platform that included abolition of the death penalty, legalized prostitution, and free love–was the first woman to run for President in 1872. 2h 0m, Manhattan, New York  Drama,
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sat 9 @ 9:45; Sun 10 @ 3:15; Tue 12 @ 6:45; Wed 13 @ 4; Fri 15 @ 5:30

XY(T);  PoMo Freakshow Productions; Writer: Kestryl Cael Lowrey; Do you have the balls to become a man? Delve into questions, contradictions, and characters exploring: TESTOSTERONE. Transgender butch Kestryl Cael strips layers of gender-self-sex-sanity pursuing his own masculinity. Are you ready to take it all off? 0h 50m, Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Performance Art
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Sat 9 @ 5:30; Sun 10 @ 7; Wed 13 @ 5:15; Fri 15 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 2:15; Mon 18 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 3:30

ZOMBIE;  Razors Edge Productions; Writer: From the novella by JOYCE CAROL OATES, adapted by Bill Connington; Director: Thomas Caruso; “I’m not Jeffrey Dahmer, I’m Quentin P. They say I murder, torture and rape young boys. That’s not how I see it. I’m trying to create a ZOMBIE. Join me. I’ll tell you my side of the story.” 1h 0m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Solo Show
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Sat 9 @ 7:15; Sun 10 @ 5:15; Wed 13 @ 3:30; Thu 14 @ 9:30; Fri 15 @ 5:15; Sun 17 @ 1; Thu 21 @ 7:15

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