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Panopticon;  Glass Slipper Solutions; Writer: Steve Pardun; Director: Angela Astle; Trapped in a sinister prison known as the Panopticon, Patrick is stripped of his identity to become prisoner 67401. In his cell he is confronted by the demons of his past only to realize the true nature of his incarceration. 1h 5m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 4:15; Sun 17 @ 7:15; Thu 21 @ 3:15; Sat 23 @ 9:45

The Pantyhose Grid;  Cynthia Frank; Writer: Cynthia Frank; Director: Paul J. Michael; A Lesbian English Professor teams up with an oversexed Religion Professor in order to examine a lost diary by Jane Austen. What they discover promises to reveal the hidden key to the mysteries of sexuality, gender, and the very structure of the Universe. 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sat 9 @ 5:15; Tue 12 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 2:45; Wed 20 @ 8

Paper Dolls;  Lively Productions & Métropole Ink; Writer: Patrick Huguenin; Director: Gaye Talyor Upchurch; NYC GOSSIP COLUMNIST CAUGHT IN SEX SCANDAL! Claire Cunningham loves to dish the dirt…until she gets dirty. With her movie star brother, conniving assistant, and a mysterious stranger, she’s about to rock the pages of the New York tabloids. 1h 50m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Wed 13 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 12:45; Thu 21 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 4:45; Sat 23 @ 9:45

Parental Indiscretions;  Steve Hayes & Tom CaylerSteve Hayes; Writer: Steve Hayes & Tom Cayler; Two brothers-one gay, one straight-discover their mother may not be, and their Aunt Pearl’s prize winning petunia patch holds more than just the key to their past. It’s a two actor, multi-character comedy. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Comedy
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Thu 21 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 2:30; Sat 23 @ 4:30; Sat 23 @ 9:45; Sun 24 @ NOON

Pawnshop Accordions;  howling moon cab company; Writer: Jonathan Wallace; Director: Aaron Gonzalez; “God leaves, but the devil is always here.” Opposite Port Authority, a cynical EMT, a mute accordionist, a sinister Albanian, and a prophetic schizophrenic struggle to protect one another. A hallucinatory drama of community and violence in New York’s netherworld. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 2:15; Sun 10 @ 5:15; Wed 13 @ 7:15; Thu 14 @ 3:15; Sat 16 @ 9:30

PennyBear;  PennyBear; Writer: Created by the Ensemble; Director: James Whittington; PennyBear is sketch comedy for theatre lovers. This Chicago group approaches sketch with an eye for the painfully honest, the hilariously dark, and the delightfully unique, creating work the Chicago Tribune calls “honest and hugely funny.” 0h 55m, Chicago, Illinois  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Wed 20 @ 9:45; Thu 21 @ 5:15; Fri 22 @ 9:45; Sat 23 @ 6:15; Sun 24 @ 3:15

Perez Hilton Saves the Universe (or at least the greater Los Angeles area): The Musical;  Allyn Bard Rathus; Writer: Book by Randy Blair and Timothy Michael Drucker, Music by Zachary Redler, Lyrics by Randy Blair; Director: Connor Gallagher; Choreographer: Connor Gallagher; PEREZ HILTON … THE MUSICAL explores a normal day in the life of celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Well, were it not for the evil plans of Islamic terrorists. Oh, and Kathy Griffin. 1h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ NOON; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Fri 15 @ 2:30; Sat 16 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 7

The Permanent Night;  Maria Romina Talabucon of Imago Film Productions, Inc.; Writer: Kari Bentley-Quinn; Director: Heather Arnson; New York City. Blackout. Secrets and betrayals illuminate the flaws of a wealthy couple’s seemingly perfect marriage, a first encounter sheds light on the scars of a young woman’s past, and the night leaves an indelible mark on them all. 2h 10m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 3:45; Sun 10 @ 1:45; Fri 15 @ 9:45; Wed 20 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 3

Piccola Cosi;  Aja Nisenson; Writer: Aja Nisenson; A provocative ride through the underbelly of Bologna’s jazz scene. Abroad among a sea of Italian men, Aja finds her voice as she sings center stage with a live jazz trio. Smoky, sexy, fiery as a shot of grappa. 1h 30m, Morris Plains, New Jersey  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sun 17 @ NOON; Mon 18 @ 5:30; Tue 19 @ 8:45; Thu 21 @ 5:30; Sat 23 @ 7:45

Pieces on the Board;  Three Dollar Bill; Writer: Tim O’Leary; Director: Tim O’Leary; “Pieces on the Board” is a noir-action-mystery-thriller graphic novel come to life. A beautiful woman with a sinister secret approaches a stranger in a bar, and kick-starts a living chess game with high stakes: when you lose, you die. 2h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sat 9 @ 7; Sun 10 @ 3:15; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Wed 20 @ 2:45; Sat 23 @ NOON

Prayer;  Jonathan Kravetz Productions; Writer: Jonathan Kravetz; Director: Joseph Beuerlein; In a world of religious fundamentalism, Jacob Bergson finds himself wrongfully imprisoned. His only hope is Sophia, his strangely absent wife. Prayer will challenge your ideas about the nature of morality through one man’s search for justice and redemption. 1h 45m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Tue 12 @ 4:45; Fri 15 @ 5; Sat 16 @ 9; Thu 21 @ 7; Sat 23 @ 1:45

Psalms Of A Questionable Nature;  Interlink Theatre Co.; Writer: Marisa Wegrzyn; Director: Tracy Cameron Francis; Descending the stairs into the basement, sisters become entrapped in their late parents disturbing hobby and realize they may not make it out of the basement alive. Toxic secrets threaten to infect the sisters relationship in this frightening and moving drama. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sat 16 @ 1:45; Sun 17 @ 7; Tue 19 @ 9:30; Wed 20 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 9:45

R U Prime?;  Prime Productions; Writer: Lucas Roy Lehman; Director: Maura Kelley; Santa Cruz, California is the Oz-like setting for this acoustic rock musical. Intimate, sexy–it’s the journey of a young singer in pursuit of fame, who ultimately discovers a broader vision for her life. Tasty pop, blues, jazz and reggae flavors! 1h 45m, Santa Cruz, California  Musical, Drama
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Sat 9 @ 9:30; Mon 11 @ 4:15; Sat 16 @ 2:15; Mon 18 @ 7; Wed 20 @ 9:30

RADIOTHEATRE PRESENTS THE MOLE PEOPLE;  RadioTheatre; Writer: Dan Bianchi; Director: Dan Bianchi; Do you know how many people enter the subways each year and are never heard from again? Accompanied by an original orchestral score and environmental sound design, RadioTheatre’s host examines the strange, weird, almost entirely true history of NYC underground. 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Performance Art, Multi-Media
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 9 @ NOON; Mon 11 @ 7:45; Thu 14 @ 5; Sat 16 @ 9:45; Wed 20 @ 3:30

Raised by Lesbians;  Geek Ink; Writer: Leah Ryan; Director: Dev Bondarin; No sixteen-year-old wants to be seen with his parents, lesbian or otherwise. Sprung from the laboratory into the shopping mall, feral freak boy Joe is badgered by his dad, picked on by classmates…oh, and mom has a new girlfriend!?! 1h 15m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy, FringeHIGH
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 11; Mon 11 @ 4:45; Fri 15 @ 7:45; Tue 19 @ 5; Thu 21 @ 10

Reasonable Doubt;  Tamarama Rock Surfers Theatre Company; Writer: Suzie Miller; Director: Lee Lewis; Two former jury members, Anna and Mitchell, reunite in a downtown hotelroom… Justice, truth, guilt, honour, courage and love are now on
trial as they face the truth of each other for the first time, each revelation exposing something real. 1h 20m, Sydney, Australia  Drama,
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Wed 20 @ 7:15; Thu 21 @ 9:30; Fri 22 @ 3; Sat 23 @ 12:45; Sat 23 @ 9:15

The Redheaded Man;  Down Payment Productions; Writer: Halley Bondy; Director: Jessica Fisch; A gifted young architect is plagued by visions that inspire his designs, yet render him a walking social disaster. He calls it “insight,” others call it insanity. A darkly funny multimedia experience about navigating the secrets our minds keep. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Multi-Media, Drama
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Wed 13 @ 5:30; Sat 16 @ 9:15; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Wed 20 @ 10; Sun 24 @ NOON

The Refugee Girls Revue: A Musical Parody;  The UnPleasant Company; Writer: Jena Friedman, music by Boaz Reisman and Lauren Maul; Director: Scott Illingworth; A musical parody, inspired by American Girl Dolls, that brings the Refugee Girls’ stories to life through song and dance. Starring a Chicago cast of Second City alums, this is a dark comedy the whole family (over 12) can enjoy! 1h 0m, Chicago, Illinois  Comedy, Musical
VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Sun 17 @ 9; Tue 19 @ 9:45; Wed 20 @ 4:15; Fri 22 @ 5; Sat 23 @ 5

Revolution on the Roof: A 60’s Anti-War Musical;  The Roofing Company; Writer: Aaron Latham; Director: Sergio Alvarado; Choreographer: Rachel Russell; The true story of anti-war student radicals in 1969 who eat, drink, smoke and sleep together while taking over Stanford University’s Applied Electronics Building and camping on the roof to protest its involvement in weapons research for the Vietnam War. 2h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Drama
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sat 9 @ 7; Fri 15 @ 2:45; Tue 19 @ 9:45; Thu 21 @ 10; Sat 23 @ NOON

Ripcords;  Two Cookies; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Anne Berlin, Music by Andy Cohen; Director: Gregg Wiggans; In 1956, office girl Susan Davies unearths a deadly secret from WWII. Torn between her old flame and new love, caught between her civic responsibilities and brother’s honor, it’s time for Susan to pull the cord. Featuring the Ripcords Jazz Orchestra! 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Drama
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sun 10 @ 7:15; Wed 13 @ 3; Sat 16 @ 10; Thu 21 @ 7:45; Sun 24 @ NOON

Rosalee Was Here;  Winterset Productions; Writer: Maura Campbell; Director: Toby Ring Thelin; An 11-year-old girl, convicted of sexual crimes, is torn from her family. Subject to the juvenile justice system, she struggles for personal freedom against an already overburdened school administration. Will the help of a stranger be enough? A true story. 1h 30m, Burlington, Vermont  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sat 9 @ 5:30; Thu 14 @ 5:15; Fri 15 @ 9:15; Thu 21 @ 7:15; Sun 24 @ 3:30

Sad, Sad, Sad;  You’re Wicked!; Writer: Nigel O’Hearn and Duncan Coe; Director: Jeremy Sexton; Four men in Nevada steal a newly developed bomb to kill all the unborn children in the world. Two men from Purgatory are sent to assassinate God in exchange for another shot at living. Sad, Sad, Sad, explores necessary evils. 2h 0m, Austin, Texas  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Sat 9 @ 6:45; Sun 10 @ 3:30; Mon 11 @ 9; Thu 14 @ 5:30; Sat 16 @ 7

A Sagacious Hunch;  jmmacs, inc.; Writer: John McDermott; Director: John McDermott; Two NYC detectives, with a wire tap on a degenerate gambling car thief, must choose between arresting him and profiting from his football bets. Rita, the thief’s wife, puts her own spin on the rules of “tough love”. 1h 30m, Fort Lee, New Jersey  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Sun 10 @ 7:30; Wed 13 @ 9:30; Sun 17 @ NOON; Mon 18 @ 9:45; Fri 22 @ 6

Sailor Man;  Two-Fisted Theater Company; Writer: Scott Peterman and Ryan Iverson; Director: Peter Cook; Choreographer: Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum (Fight Choreographer); Strong to the finnich ’cause he eats his spinach! Fists fly and blood spills in this darkly comic look at a well-known animated sailor. Startlingly violent, it’s Saturday morning cartoons, delivered Sam Shepard-style. 0h 50m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Clown/Mask
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 5:30; Tue 12 @ 7:45; Fri 15 @ 10; Wed 20 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 5

Salt Lake, a New Ballet;  Vicky Virgin in association with M&M Productions Acting Company, Inc.; Writer: Vicky Virgin; Director: Umit Celebi, Musical Direction by Michelle Kinney; Choreographer: Vicky Virgin; Story ballet battles performance art. Fleur de Sel’s on a mission – she can’t get enough salt. Desire, sweat, obsession, blood, passion, tears, salacious….salty. Nothing left but pure unadulterated thirst. Vicky Virgin’s Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Dance, Performance Art
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Wed 20 @ 7:45; Thu 21 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 7; Sat 23 @ NOON; Sun 24 @ 3

Sandy the Dandy and Charlie McGee: A Case Study in Harsh Realities;  Toomuchery Productions; Writer: Guerrin Gardner and Mat Sanders, Music by Ryland Blackinton; Director: Stephen Brackett; Sandy – a self-proclaimed star-to-be with dreams as big as his debts, and Charlie – his hopelessly optimistic and peculiar companion rise to the top as they softshoe through a world of corrupt corporate doll musicals, celebrity brouhaha and menacing leather daddies. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Fri 8 @ 7:45; Tue 12 @ 5; Wed 13 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 9:30; Sat 23 @ 3

Schoenberg;  Theatre Rhinoceros; Writer: John Fisher; Director: John Fisher; A comedy about the friendship between genius composer Arnold Schoenberg and Hollywood funny-man Oscar Levant, set in Los Angeles during World War II. “Humorous and heady!” says the San Francisco Chronicle 1h 30m, San Francisco, California  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sun 17 @ 4:15; Tue 19 @ 7:30; Wed 20 @ 5:45; Thu 21 @ 2:45; Fri 22 @ 9:30

Scratch;  Sweet Jeraldine Productions; Writer: Aimee Gonzalez; Director: Meiyin Wang; Oh, go ahead and kill your kids.
It’s stimulating, gratifying, and a great way
to get back at your unfaithful hubby.
Scratch is a dark comedic adaptation of Medea.
We’re bringing the fun back into filicide. 1h 30m, Austin, Texas  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Sat 9 @ 7:15; Sun 10 @ 4:45; Mon 11 @ 2:30; Fri 15 @ 5; Sun 17 @ 9:45

Secrets of Lamp Lit Blinds: Three One Acts by Jason Williamson;  tipmycup productions; Writer: Jason Williamson; Director: Michael Petranek; Why did the preacher cross the road? To get to the fresh, feisty widow on the other side. This and other tales of death, redemption and voyeurism in “Secrets of Lamplit Blinds”. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Sun 10 @ 7; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Fri 15 @ 9:45; Sun 17 @ 5; Sat 23 @ 2:15

See How Beautiful I Am: The Return of Jackie Susann;  King William Prod. & Off the Cuff (UK); Writer: Paul Minx; Director: Paul Dubois; Sex, drugs and the showbiz fairytale of Jacqueline Susann, author of the original trashy blockbuster VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. A wise-cracking, acclaimed one-person kitsch comedy direct from London with West End star Debora Weston! 1h 30m, London, United Kingdom  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Fri 8 @ 4; Sat 9 @ 10; Fri 15 @ 5:30; Sat 16 @ 5:30; Sun 17 @ 12:30

Self-Portrait as Schiele;  TheaterMEME; Writer: Mark Lindberg; Director: Gerritt Turner; Warning: this show contains nudity, sexual situations, foul language, and may cause dizziness, rash, or other uncomfortable side effects. Mädchen, a young American artist, wrestles with a mysterious illness and increasingly intrusive house-calls from deceased Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele. 1h 30m, Queens, NYC  Drama, Multi-Media
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sat 9 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 2:45; Tue 19 @ 4:45; Thu 21 @ 8; Sat 23 @ 2:45

Sennentuntschi;  Talman Ensemble; Writer: Hansjörg Schneider; Director: Niklaus Talman; My Fair Lady meets Silence of the Lambs. Based on a classic Swiss legend, three bored, lonely shepherds create a “Sennentuntschi,” a female doll in their hut in the Swiss Alps, not knowing that she will come to life and seek revenge. 1h 30m, ,   Drama
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Fri 15 @ 7:15; Mon 18 @ 9:45; Wed 20 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 6:15; Sun 24 @ 4:30

THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS;  Struttin’ Productions; Writer: Chip Deffaa; Director: Chip Deffaa; Choreographer: Justin Boccitto, assistant choreographer: Cristina Marie; When beloved star Eddie Foy’s wife died, he took his seven rambunctious kids into vaudevile with him. Against all odds, they became the top family act of their era. A new musical for the whole family, by ASCAP award-winner Chip Deffaa. 2h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sat 9 @ 3; Wed 13 @ 6:45; Fri 15 @ 10; Wed 20 @ 3:45; Sat 23 @ 2:45

Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment: One Girls Guide To Living and Dying;  River Huston Productions; Writer: River Huston; Director: Cheryl King; River Huston draws on her experiences as a marijuana farmer, armed robber, dominatrix, living with two terminal illnesses, moving to the country and financial ruin. If you’ve had a bad day or a bad decade, River will make you laugh! 1h 20m, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sat 9 @ 3:15; Wed 13 @ 10; Sat 16 @ 9:45; Mon 18 @ 3:15; Thu 21 @ 7:45

SHOTS: A LOVE STORY;  Progressive Theatre Workshop; Writer: John Caswell, Jr.; Director: John Caswell, Jr.; HER, HER AGAIN, and HER ONCE MORE are beaten to a bloody pulp by HIM… repeatedly. Direct from two sold out runs in the Phoenix desert, SHOTS is an addictive, assaulting and humorous look into the psyche of the addict. 1h 15m, Phoenix, Arizona  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 9:45; Sun 10 @ 12:30; Wed 13 @ 5; Thu 14 @ 9:45; Sun 17 @ 2:30

A Silly Silverstein Show;  The One Little Did Players; Writer: Shel Silverstein, Adapted by Jessica Marie Lorence, Music by Shel Silverstein and Pat Daley; Director: Jessica Marie Lorence, Musical Direction by Luke Santy; Climb THE GIVING TREE and roll along with THE MISSING PIECE as Shel Silverstein’s silly and salient words spring to life with poems and puppetry, creating a playful celebration of life and love. Bring your whole family and your imagination! 0h 45m, Saratoga Springs, New York  FringeJR, Puppetry
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Wed 13 @ 8:30; Fri 15 @ 7:45; Sat 16 @ 2:30; Thu 21 @ 6; Sat 23 @ 6

The Sound of One Hanna Clapping;  Live Arts Pacific Inc.; Writer: Hanna LoPatin; Director: Ana Gasteyer; Through hilarious monologue, song and dance, Chicagoan Hanna LoPatin realizes that her life isn’t what she planned. With the “Why I’m Single Tango” and an imagined relationship with Michael Showalter, the show was named the Chicago Reader’s “Critic’s Choice.” 0h 45m, Chicago, Illinois  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Mon 18 @ 7:45; Tue 19 @ 5:30; Wed 20 @ 4; Fri 22 @ 8:30; Sat 23 @ 1:30

SPITE;  Strings Attached Theater Company; Writer: Tariq Hamami; Director: Mark Schneider; Five strangers. One inheritance. Infinite possibilities. People become pawns in a spiteful game of everyone for themselves in this serio-comedy. Witness how greed, self-worth, and morality govern who walks away with the loot! 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Fri 8 @ 9:15; Tue 12 @ 4:45; Sat 16 @ 1; Tue 19 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 6:45

STARS IN A DARK SKY;  The Red Fern Theatre Company in Association with Lime Rock Press; Writer: R. E. Vickers; Director: Melanie Moyer Williams; Hopes, fears and courage. Join Hans and Sophie Scholl inside WWII Germany as they turn from forced service in Hitler Youth to organizing student resistance against Nazi atrocities–challenging the silent majority. Is their choice worth the price? 1h 50m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Tue 19 @ 7; Thu 21 @ 4:30; Fri 22 @ 7; Sat 23 @ 9; Sun 24 @ NOON

STRANGE ATTRACTOR;  Marco Frezza; Writer: Marco Frezza; Director: Marco Frezza; A Theatrical Showcase of Magic and Mystery – Willy Wonka meets Hitchcock! Witness extraordinary phenomena! Partake in mindreading, teleporting, and other interactive feats with Marco, a Magic Man out to save the world… and the world beyond! 1h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque, FringeJR
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Sun 10 @ 7:15; Fri 15 @ 4:15; Sat 16 @ 6:30; Tue 19 @ 9:30; Sat 23 @ 7:30

Symphony Pastorale/Fugue Series;  New Zenith Theatre; Writer: Robert Barnett, Music by Brian Wilbur Grundstrom; Director: Ed Wierzbicki; A versatile ensemble takes the music of life and turns it inside out! From quick-change comic soufflé set in a museum to the rhythms of a man’s life performed to conductor’s baton…a theatrical experience that’s “original”, “imaginative”, “delicious.” 1h 40m, Waterbury, Connecticut  Comedy, FringeHIGH
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Sat 9 @ 7; Sun 10 @ 4:15; Fri 15 @ 4:30; Mon 18 @ 7; Sat 23 @ NOON

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