Robert Whitman With Inspirational Photographs Free Art Opening Chelsea Pier

Pilobolus is a troupe of choreographers and dancers who travel to Israel with photographer Robert Whitman. Whitman ultimately creates an epic photographic journal using the dexterity and sensibilities of the dancers to create unusual imagery. The collection of photographs coalesces into a dissertation of contemporary expression using the human form juxtaposed against historic settings. There are several brilliant examples in the video here to tantalize you into visiting. It’s a party on the 18th so be there!

An inspirational showing of photographs by Robert Whitman called “Pilobolus in Israel” will be on exhibit at Chelsea Market from Sept 18 to Oct 31, 2008. There will be an opening reception on September 18th at 7:30pm at the Chelsea Market. Be there to meet the artist and some of the troup that made the imagery happen.

Robert Whitman is best recognized for his energetic trademark photographs for clients such as Virgin America Airlines, American Express Publishing, Departures, Dewar’s, Coca-Cola, 7Up and the award-winning campaign for Canadian Club.

You can visit Pilobolus website
Check out Robert Whitman’s website
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